New offer for California kicker

When you talk about Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame, you are talking about one of the best high school football programs in the nation. Nebraska has been looking for a long field goal/kick off specialist and they seem to have found one out in California. Nebraska recently extended an offer, but can that offer influence him?

Nebraska is looking for a kick off and long field goal kicker. They went into southern California a couple of years ago and this year they are looking in California again at Erik Folk.

Folk, a 5-foot-10 and 192 pound kicker from Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame, follows in a great tradition of kickers at Notre Dame. His brother, Nick, is at Arizona and last year Kai Forbath was an All-American kicker from Notre Dame.

"We're doing pretty good this season," Folk said. "We're 9-0 right now. I am getting some opportunities to kick some, but you just have to be ready. Ready to get out there and perform."

Folk has been doing field goal kicking and kick off duties for Notre Dame. He admits, that having a good kicker is a weapon and really kills your opponent's field position.

"I am doing both. With kickoffs, it's great to have an opposing team start at the 20 yard line pretty much after every time you score. In field goal kicking, it really keeps the momentum going on offense."

"To be honest, I have lost track of my stats. I honestly don't know how many PATs or field goals I have attempted. The longest field goal I made this year was from 56 yards. That is kicking off of a one-inch pad."

While Folk isn't sure what his exact stats are he did venture a guess as to what his touchback percentage was. "I don't know what my touchback percentage is. It's pretty high though. It's probably about 90%. That's about right."

Recently, Folk received a phone call that extended a verbal offer to him. Since that phone call on Sunday he still hasn't received the actual written offer, but he hadn't made it home yet tonight to look.

"Nebraska called me on Sunday and said that they were going to offer, but I haven't received anything yet. I know that they are going to offer."

The offer excited Folk. However, it seems that Folk is really caught up on another recently offer and trip. "I was excited about it, obviously. I really don't know what else I was thinking about."

"I got an offer from Washington a couple of weeks ago. I heard that Arizona was going to offer, but I am not sure about that."

"I have never been to Nebraska, so I can't tell you. I really like Washington. I went to Washington a few weeks ago and I really liked it up there."

On the trip to Washington, Folk really enjoyed his time and has been thinking a lot about the trip. Enough to possibly not ever visit Nebraska. "I liked the campus, the coaches and the school too were all great. I really enjoyed my time up there."

"Nebraska didn't talk to me at all about taking an official visit. I don't know if I would or not. I am kind of leaning towards Washington."

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