Murillo nearing his decision

To date, Armando Murillo has just taken the one official to Nebraska. After this coming weekend that list will grow to two. However, as of right now that list might stay at two according to Murillo. Time is winding down on the season and the school year at Thatcher (Ariz.) Eastern Arizona for Murillo.

One of the top cornerbacks in the nation is undoubtedly Armando Murillo. The 6-foot-0 and 195 pound Murillo has led his team to a solid year so far and is looking at an upcoming bowl game after a tough game this upcoming weekend.

"We could use a win this weekend," Murillo said. "We're 7-2 and play Scottsdale. They have the same record as us."

In the start of the season very few teams challenged Murillo. Recently though, some teams tried and paid the price.

"My season has been going pretty good. I finally got a couple of picks because some people have been trying me."

Murillo has only taken the one official visit so far. This weekend he takes his second and is looking for just the "basic stuff" on the trip.

"This following weekend I go to Arizona State. I haven't been anywhere else besides Nebraska."

"Basically, it's a good team and a good program. I just want to see the basic stuff there."

The coaching staff from Nebraska has been staying on top of Murillo. Although he enjoyed his trip and has received constant attention, Murillo says that the idea of committing hasn't entered his mind yet.

"I have been staying pretty close with Coach Bill Busch from Nebraska. I haven't really been thinking about committing that much."

Murillo's leader board is pretty simple right now. There is just the one official and that is the only school for now.

"I don't even know. Right now, of course it's Nebraska because of the visit and that's the only one."

There is still some time to get in some more trips, but Murillo said that he might not take any more after Arizona State. He graduates at mid-term and wants a decision shortly after Thanksgiving.

"After Arizona State I might not take any more trips. I was supposed to take a visit to Ole Miss, but it's pretty close to December and I am getting ready to graduate."

"To be honest, I don't know when the signing day is in December. I am not sure. I want to have everything figured out before December."

Murillo will be able to enroll for the spring semester at a four-year school and will be a two for two guy. "When I graduate in December I will have two years to play two year."

Some might remember, Murillo was pondering a direct jump to the NFL from junior college football. When asked if he is still entertaining this idea Murillo responded, "Yes sir, I am."

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