Speedy TE has Nebraska offer

It's not often that someone like this hides under the radar for so long, but it's happened. When it comes to tight ends, you want one that is physically big enough to block inside, tall enough to exploit a safety and fast enough to run away from linebackers. This tight end can do all that and then some and he's just now getting some of the recognition he deserves.

Joliet (Ill.) Catholic Academy is known for putting out good football players. Coby Fleener looks to at least be the second player that will sign a division one offer from his team this February.

The 6-foot-6 and 220-pound tight end has going from one sport and into another with no break. Like never before, there is no off-season for multi-sport high school athletes.

"I am actually on my way to basketball practice," Fleener said. "We had tryouts the prior two nights. Our football season is over, unfortunately. We got upset in the first round."

That upset cut short a good season, but one that falls short of annual expectations. Personally though, Fleener did well. "We ended up being 6-4, including the playoffs. By JCA (Joliet Catholic Academy) standards, that record isn't good at all."

"My season went real well, but it could have been better. It can always be better. I started the season with no stats to speak off and no offers and I am up to nine offers."

"I have offers from, I don't know if I can remember them all, Nebraska, Arizona State, Missouri, Minnesota, Connecticut, Miami (Ohio), Western Michigan and a couple of others."

What those teams see when they looked at Fleener is obvious, a taller guy with great body control. What you might not have guessed is how fast he is. Tight ends are fast to out run linebackers, Fleener can run with the cornerbacks.

"I think the main thing is my ability to stretch the field and my natural size. There's not too many 6-foot-6 guys that move as well as I do and I am not trying to brag. A lot comes from basketball and I am just pretty athletic."

"I am presently about 6-foot-6 and 220 pounds. No one believes me when I tell them my 40 times. I have been clocked electronically at 4.41 and I was hand-timed at 4.39."

"I'd say probably consistently I can run in the 4.45 range. I know that I can get consistently into the high 4.4s and everything depends on the day, where you are running and everything."

Fleener has been to see a couple of schools unofficially that haven't offered and one that has. He has two official visits set up for the coming weeks and may only take one other to compare the schools.

"I have made a few unofficial visits to some places that haven't offered me like Northwestern and Iowa. I also made one to Western Michigan."

"Other than that I have an official set for Arizona State for November 18. After that, I have one set for Nebraska to go there on November 24 for the Colorado game."

"I plan on using as many visits as I can just to see everything that is out. I want to see what the possibilities are. I also want to see how things go on the visits."

"I don't know how many I will take beyond the two I have scheduled. Maybe just one more. I think that I will be waiting to set those other official visits."

In picking out a school, Fleener is looking for a balance of athletics and academics. He is also looking for a place that, at least, he will have an opportunity to work towards a chance to play in the NFL.

"My grades are another strong point for me. I would say that I have always been academically inclined and grades have never been a problem. Obviously the quality of the education and I would like a program that would at least try and prepare me for a shot at the NFL."

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