The Calm before the Storm, Kyle Caldwell

The calm before the storm. Kyle Caldwell can draw two definitions from that. With two-a-days done, this is a time where players go through their preparations before the season starts. Timing and conditioning reaches it's apex and players wait for that first game of the year. For some, it's also the time they wait before the phone calls begin and the more schools that are recruiting you, the more calls you will receive and for Kyle, this up-coming season will have a whole new set of challenges.

Kyle Caldwell Profile

Kyle Caldwell - DE - 6-4, 260-4.57 - I remember a conversation I had once with current Oklahoma defensive tackle, Tommie Harris. In the 15 minutes span of that conversation, Tommie had received five phone calls. Four of them from coaches and one, from someone from my particular area. That was fifteen minutes in the span of an entire day. This kind of attention is daunting and to some, a little overwhelming. It's this time Kyle is dreading the most. "During that Spring time when they (the schools) were allowed to call, it was just chaotic." Caldwell stated. That attention will likely be nothing as compared to now, because the mail has been coming at an alarmingly increased rate from as lot more schools. "The mailbox is packed full every single day." Kyle said. The calm before the storm indeed.

With the pressure to minimize his list so that he minimizes his attention, Kyle has managed to stay firm and even states this his current list of Arizona State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oregon and UCLA might not be all the teams that he is considering. "I don't want to put them in any particular order and I am open to everyone that has offered." Kyle stated. Caldwell is also interested in courting the attention of schools not coveting him, so that he has his own personal solidification of just how good he is. "I would like to get the looks of schools from some of the southeast schools, but not because that's where I want to go." Kyle stated.

Caldwell also is poised to let this process take it's course and despite the potential overwhelming attention, Kyle won't use that to dictate when he ultimately decides where he is going, but attributes much of the patience in doing that, to the help that he has around him. "I have a lot of help from my dad and grandfather." Caldwell stated. "When it comes to the phone calls and what not, they help a lot and my dad has been in the NFL, he played for ASU and wall Pac-10, so he knows how it all goes."

For the year, goals are simple for Caldwell, get better. Kyle's continuing motivation to excel isn't constrained to the image he has of himself on the field, but of that image others have of him, that is reflected in those infamous rankings you see around the country. "I don't like to get caught up in the hype and the rankings, but I go to those sites and see and I just think to myself that I want to prove that ranking or get better than that." Caldwell stated. There's also another goal that Kyle states actually dwarfs them all. "The last couple of years, we have lost to the same to the same time in the semi-finals, so the thought of a state championship has been there like every single year. At the end of the year, we want that ring on our finger, because we haven't done that yet."

With the game against their nemesis of sorts being the first game of the year, Kyle doesn't have to wait long to see just where his team is at. Add to that the fact that amidst the fan fare of such an important contest the phone calls will be present if not immense, Caldwell will have his hands full. In fact, it would seem that when it comes to just about everything, Kyle will be getting an early baptism by fire. Well, everything, except a decision on where he will end up in college. For that, we are just going to have to wait.

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