Washington pumped to be a Husker

The last name of Washington might mean something to Husker fans. People remember Fabian Washington and now Nebraska is expecting LaTravis Washington, his cousin. LaTravis will be playing in the same secondary that, now Oakland Raider, Fabian used to roam. LaTravis knew that this is where he wanted to go all long.

LaTravis Washington, a standout at Bradenton (Flor.) Bayshore, has made it official. The 6-foot-3 and 200 pound athlete has gone ahead and committed to Nebraska right before their game on Saturday.

"Yes sir," Washington said. "I think that I did it on Saturday. Before their game. I told Coach Phil Elmassian that I wanted to be a Husker. He was all hyped up."

Washington played quarterback at Bayshore, but is looked at to play defense in Lincoln. He is big enough to project to linebacker, but Nebraska is needing a big, athletic safety and Washington fits that bill.

"They like me as a strong safety. I think that it's a big opportunity for me. Playing safety is about reacting. It's about just playing football. It's going to be a big change for me."

Washington is in the class, but not actually qualified as of yet. He has been working on it and is expecting a new test score very soon.

"My test score should be coming in this week, at least I hope so. I felt good about the test right after I took it. I went in and took it and felt good. I just hope that I passed it."

The commitment, the test score are all part of the things that are needed to be done if Washington is intending on getting up to Lincoln in the spring. That is the plan as of right now.

"I want to just get this stuff out of the way so I can go up there in the spring and play football. If I get the test score the I will be up there to help out in January."

While Washington committed before the A&M game this past weekend he was able to tune in afterward. He was surprised that Nebraska had to come back after getting up 21-3.

"They had to come back for that. I think that they were up 21-3 and I don't know how A&M came back. They won though. Great last drive."

Washington has known for a while that he would be a Husker. Nebraska was the first to offer and the opportunity to play college football, combined with the fact that it was Nebraska, meant that Washington would get that chance to follow his cousin.

"When they offered me I was like ‘Nebraska?'. That was my first offer and I was hyped up from that. I never knew that I was going to be a big recruit. I was thinking about going into the military, into the navy, but it has worked out and I am going with it."

"Nebraska offered me as a sophomore going into my junior year. They told me that they were offering and then I got a written offer later."

Washington is looking to set up an official visit to Nebraska for the Colorado game on 11/24.

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