Looking for the right fit, RB, Lynell Hamilton

Two-a-days stink. Two grueling sessions of workouts designed to put the final touches on every workout prior. It almost makes you buckle just thinking about the double-dose of depravity that is called a "tune-up" for the real season. Imagine if these were three times a day? Are you nuts? Three times a day? Well, Hamilton has to go through just that, but for him, it's just the beginning.

Lynell Hamilton Profile

Lynell Hamilton - RB - 6-1, 193, 4.4/40 - Stockton, CA. (Edison) - There's a lot to be said for the physical and mental condition an athlete has to be in, to excel at his or her particular sport. In this day and age, the physical part isn't that hard anymore as athletes ditch their off-season festivities, embracing a full-season mentality. There is no off-season. Just daily workouts that aren't necessarily followed by a football game that weekend. Physical readiness in hand, now the mental challenge of bettering a year before, impressing the schools abroad are those things that Hamilton looks to as his primary goals for this season.

One of Lynn's goals this year are numbers. Better numbers that is. Last year's totals of 1172 yards and 18 touchdowns aren't good enough for Hamilton. Last year's 14.1 average per carry doesn't even hold any comfort. He wants more. Lynell wants not just to get better, but to be the best. "You see a lot of guys around the country that have all those yards, but who do they play?" Hamilton inquired. Hamilton might have a beef though as the competition for the CIF title in California is contended for by teams like the now legendary, Concord De LaSalle.

Opponents aside though, Hamilton does look at his own success as a microcosm of what the team does. "If I do well, I know it will help the team, so that's what I try to do." Hamilton stated. And, with Lynell's success, it wont' be just his team that benefits, but Hamilton himself.

The attention has been consistently there for Hamilton all of the off-season. Letters upon letters, one offer after another, it's good, but as Hamilton stated, it's confusing as well. "Right now, I don't know what I want to do." Hamilton stated. "I don't know what teams want from me and I am not sure who to trust. It's not like I want to start, but I want to go somewhere I am going to play."

One thing Hamilton does have going for him (aside from obvious ability) is his stature. He recognizes that as well. "A lot of these coaches tell me about the backs they have and it's like, one is 5'9" and the other is 5'10" and they all tell me that they want a back of my size." On paper, Hamilton does appear to at least physically fit the bill that most schools dub as their "ideal back".

Despite the early confusion over the recruiting process, Hamilton still states that his initial criteria concerning schools at the next level remains firm and he continues to voice his desire to be at a place that exhibits everything he has to offer. "I want to go someplace where I can run and catch." Lynell said. "If they pass all the time or don't do anything but run, it's not for me, because you don't make it to the NFL by just doing one thing."

Yes, Lynell does have higher aspirations than college ball. His thought process lingers to the NFL, but knows that, that particular road is a long ways away. Through effort, performance and dedication, Hamilton plans on making all the transitions that he needs to make as he tries for the professional ring. "I plan on having a good career in college, but I know it takes a lot of hard work." Hamilton stated. "I work hard as it is though and I won't get anything but better. That's what you have to do. You just have to get better every time you go out there."

Hamilton will have plenty of opportunities to get better this season and there's little doubt that schools will be following him the entire way. The insiders ranks him as one of the top 12 running backs in the country and if Lynell has anything to say about it, that number will get decidedly lower and he tries to get higher in terms of his own statistics.

There's no clear picture as to what schools Hamilton likes, however as Lynell has found more comfort in a season almost upon him, rather than being frustrated over what colleges want to do with his impressive talent. For now, he's taking it day to day.

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