Huskers close to offering?

Being labeled an athlete isn't always good if you know what position that you want to play you aren't being recruited to play. The big picture here though is that you will get a chance to play. The love for the game goes far deeper than just a position more often than not. That may be what this Texas athlete is looking at.

If you travel on down to Leander (Texas) you will find a team that is being led at the quarterback position by one of the best athletes in the state. Josh McKinley is a 6-foot-1 and 200 pound player that has led Leander to a great season so far.

"We are in the playoffs," McKinley said. "We are 8-2 right now, but 7-0 in district. We lost to A&M Consolidated and Bryan in the pre-season."

"I believe my stats are about 1,000 yards rushing and another 1,300 yards passing. I have about 25 total touchdowns. I don't want to give me the wrong numbers. I think that throwing is about 12 and rushing is 13."

McKinley is a quarterback at Leander, but he could be looked at to play other positions. If McKinley had his way though, he would just play quarterback.

"I would love to play quarterback. That is my first position. However, I just want to play football. People are projecting me to play other positions."

"Some people have said that they would give me a shot at quarterback, but if that didn't work out that I could play other positions. They have talked about cornerback, free safety and wide receiver."

McKinley has a few offers, but is getting the most attention from three right now. "Some schools are Purdue, Colorado State and Nebraska have been calling. Nebraska hasn't offered me yet."

McKinley has been to see a Big 10 school already for an official visit. "I have taken an official visit already. I went to Purdue. I had a wonderful time up there on my official."

Besides seeing Purdue, McKinley has some ideas on some of the other schools that he would like to see. "I would like to visit Nebraska, Missouri, and LSU possibly."

Leander has a nice duo with McKinley at quarterback and Curenski Gilleylen at receiver. The two took their first officials together and McKinley explained that the two are very tight.

"Curenski and I went to Purdue together. Curenski and I are close. It's tough to explain. We have a bond, that is for sure. We have a connection."

Although Gilleylen and McKinley are tight there haven't been any discussions on going to school together despite taking the official visit together.

"No sir we haven't. To be honest, we really don't discuss that whole college thing with one another. We stick to high school football right now. If it happens then it happens. That would be exciting. We haven't talked about it though."

If it's a package deal, then great, but McKinley is more focused on some key areas for himself when it comes to making this decision. "I am want to go where I can get a good education and I will also be looking for playing time."

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