NU recruit, Top 20 RB, Brian Dennison

Greatness is invariably linked to numbers. Whether they are home runs, touchdowns, yards or percentages, the very worth of what one was to their particular game is tied to those digits that either illustrate success or failure. Just by the interpretation of those numbers, Dennison is slated for stardom as his season numbers and career numbers tell you that "great" is an adjective that fits to a tee.

Brian Dennison Profile

Brian Dennison - RB - 5-9, 195, 4.3/40 - Jacksonville, FL. (Mandarin) - Last year, Dennison rushed for 1,645 yards. Not overwhelming to some, but in 6A in the state of Florida, that's impressive. Brian also chalked up 31 scores while averaging almost 12 yards every time he touched the ball. As you see more numbers, Brian's ability starts to become a little clearer. Brian is also just 122 yards away from setting his school mark for most career yards at the running back position. Ok, that's enough. He's good, real good.

Shifty, but physical, elusive, but sturdy, Dennison hits the mark in being versatile in what he brings to the field. For backs his size, having the ability to both make a defender miss and being able to run them over, it sets him apart from many others. If you take one extreme, that being a Barry Sanders type, you have someone of similar height who could make a cheetah miss, but isn't overly physical. If you go to the other end, you have a Jabari Davis type that has the physical prowess to run anything over short of a Mack truck, but the likelihood of him juking anyone isn't considerable. Dennison is the "tweener", but in this case, it's a good thing as defenders don't know what to expect which automatically gives Brian the upper hand.

Back to those all-important numbers, schools don't use those as a judge for what a player can do. More importantly, they don't judge a person's stats and equate that to what that player can do within their particular scheme. They take a look for themselves. A look that has gotten Dennison with a lot of return looks that have come with offers in hand. Brian isn't even sure of how many he has as he has resigned himself to being the third party in this matter, while his coach handles all the fielding of schollies being extended to him. "I don't really know who has offered me, but I know it's a lot." Dennison stated. "My coach is handling all that, so I am just looking at schools that need a running back."

In fact, that's the primary focus of Brian, aside from the impending season of course. He took the time to list a number of teams that he felt needed running backs and then, gave that list to his coach. "I gave a list to my coach of all those schools I thought needed running backs and he is helping me narrow it down." Brian said. "I don't really have time to focus on all of that with the season coming, so with his help, I hope to have my list of five before the season starts."

Until the season starts? That's but a few weeks away, so it will be grinding time not just on the field, but off the filed for Dennison and his coach to figure out just who those schools are. It's likely from what Dennison stated that he will want to take his visits to those chosen schools not just after, but throughout the year.


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