Ross says Nebraska still leads

David Ross returned from Nebraska and didn't commit, but he did say that there was an 80% chance that he would end up at Nebraska. With another official under his belt, this one to Colorado, the chances are still that Ross will be a Husker, but an important official to Oregon looms. What is Ross thinking about the Oregon trip and will he take any others?

David Ross is a wanted man. The 6-foot-0 and 174-pound cornerback from Compton (Calif.) Dominguez has just returned from his second official.

"I just got back from Colorado," Ross said. "It was a cool little trip. I had a lot of fun."

"That was my second official. I don't think that you can compare that visit to Nebraska. It was just different."

Different can mean a lot of things. It's especially important to cover whether or not different means better or worse than the other. Ross explained the best he could.

"Out there at Colorado, it was really kind of the same thing as here. I knew a lot of people. It was just the same, like I had seen it before."

"Nebraska was better. That is what I meant by different. I have never seen anything like (Nebraska) before."

Many people have asked about Ross favoring Oregon, but saying that there was an 80% chance of signing with Nebraska. You also have to wonder whether or not he still thought that way.

"Basically what I mean by that, is that I am still open, but right now I like Nebraska and Oregon the most."

"More than likely I will end up at Nebraska, but that is not something that I am willing to say today. In the end though, it will be between Oregon and Nebraska."

More than likely means that there is still some doubt. Before seeing Oregon, Ross said that he knew which way it would be. "If it had to end today it would be Nebraska."

The fact is though, Ross will see Oregon. He will be looking for a few key things and Ross is then looking to take his last two officials in the month of December if he can. He would then have a decision.

"I will be out on in Oregon on December 1. In a couple of weeks I guess. I want to see if I am comfortable, see if I can live out there for four years and playing time."

"I am going to take all of them. I will probably take visits to Oregon State and probably Michigan. I will probably have a decision some time in late December."

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