Mendoza eyeing some other trips

One of the more exciting players in Texas is Marcus Mendoza. The 5-foot-9 and 180 pound running back from Houston (Texas) Spring Woods saw his season come to an end and his younger brother get hurt bad enough in the last game to need to go to the hospital. Mendoza updated Big Red Report with the latest on recruiting and his brother.

Marcus Mendoza is an amazing player from Houston (Texas) Spring Woods. The running back saw his season come to an end a couple of weeks ago and following the game his brother was admitted to a local hospital.

"My brother just got out of the hospital," Mendoza said. "He's doing alright now. He's a tough one. He got hurt and continued to play."

"Our season is over now. We ended up being 2-8. We didn't have a lot of seniors. We had 80-some freshmen when we were freshmen and now there is only 14 of us."

The in-home visits are set to begin in about a week and recruiting is still going very strong for Mendoza. Recently he dropped a team from consideration and is eyeing a couple of officials.

"My last official visit was to Nebraska. I am not going to take an official visit to Oklahoma State anymore. I will probably just take one to TCU and Kansas State."

Mendoza fits into the college football picture in a lot of different places potentially. He is being looked at to play offense, defense or special teams in college, but he has a preference.

"I don't know. I can really do really what's asked and expected of me. Some people like me on defense, but I want to play offense in college."

Not much has been solved with the sole official visit to Nebraska. Mendoza is looking to take a couple more official visits to really sort out the leader board.

"Probably Nebraska, Kansas State, TCU and Texas Tech. If I had to commit today, I wouldn't know. I have been waiting for some other visits to know where I want to go."

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