Photo Day, 2002

A perfect day topped off with a perfect time to go out and meet some Huskers. Amidst the crowds, Huskers young and younger alike were eagerly awaiting a time, where they would meet up close, many of the Big Red Army that have flocked to their games for year. And of course, their kids. Check out our "photo day, 2002" archive for some pictures of some players you may or may not know.

Benard Thomas2.jpg - 39368 Bytes TitusAdams2.jpg - 48355 Bytes Richie Incognito2.jpg - 46160 Bytes Adam Carriker2.jpg - 44526 Bytes

RE, Benard Thomas

DT, Titus Adams

OG, Richie Incognito

RE, Adam Carriker

JPhillips2.jpg - 47262 Bytes Brandon Greeson2.jpg - 42397 Bytes Mark LeFlore2.jpg - 54674 Bytes

DT, Ryon Bingham

OT, Jemayel Phillips

DT, Brandon Greeson

WR, Mark LeFlore


grant miller2.jpg - 39040 Bytes

AaronGolliday2.jpg - 40995 Bytes LeKevinSmith2.jpg - 44272 Bytes Dan Vili Waldrop2.jpg - 45639 Bytes

FB, Grant Miller

TE, Aaron Golliday

DT, LeKevin Smith

OT, Dan Vili Waldrop


Chris Kelsay2.jpg - 38580 Bytes

Dane Todd2.jpg - 48233 Bytes

Seppo2.jpg - 43106 Bytes Scott Shanle2.jpg - 37479 Bytes

RE, Chris Kelsay

FB, Dane Todd

DT, Seppo Evwaraye

SLB, Scott Shanle

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