It's going to be great to be a Husker

It came down to Oklahoma and Nebraska. That's a heck of a choice for anyone to make. Two great schools, two legendary big reds and both with huge and loyal fan followings. All of that certainly helped each, but for Travis Lewis, there was one thing that just set the winner of the two man race apart as he officially decided where he wanted to go.

"I'm going to be a Husker,"

Pretty simple to say, but not so simple getting to the point where San Antonio, Texas high school linebacker Travis Lewis knew exactly where he wanted to be. It's like anything you hold very important to you in that you want to do the research, learn as much as you can and then figure out what the best decision was.

Even then it wasn't easy for Lewis to decide.

"You have just two great schools with huge fan followings and they both have great tradition," Lewis said of Nebraska and Oklahoma. "It really just came down to relationships I had with coach (Bill) Callahan and coach (Phil) Elmassian."

"I really liked both of the coaching staffs and that's the problem, because you have to tell one of them no. I just told Nebraska, yes."

With that "yes", Nebraska gets one of the top linebackers in the country, rated by as the 6th best middle linebacker prospect overall. Lewis brings a 4.45/40 from a 225 pound, 6 foot, 2 inch frame.

Lewis' athleticism is so freakish, he actually filled in at cornerback this season. Not a combination you hear of very often, a linebacker playing DB, but even out of position Lewis still managed 50+ tackles, one interception, and on offense he totaled approximately 1,500 yards rushing.

That spells freak to me, but it's not even close of where Lewis wants to be.

"You always have to want to get better at everything you do, no matter how good you did it before," he said. "That's how you become better as an athlete, a student and as a person. That's how I look at things, because football is what it is, but I am about making myself better every way I can."

Lewis instantaneously makes the Nebraska recruiting class look better, coming in as commit No. 17, but with four stars, a top 10 ranking and the title of U.S. Army All-American.

From a position standpoint, though, Lewis is even more of a blessing as come 2008, Phillip Dillard, Nick Covey and Clayton Sievers will be the only scholarship players at that position left on the team. It's a challenge Lewis warms to, because he loves the opportunity to make a statement, however he can.

"I just want to come in and do my best," he said. "I don't know what that means, but I know I have real high expectations of myself. I am going to be excited about playing, but I am also going to be excited about getting my degree."

"I don't make predictions or anything like that, but I know I can say to Nebraska fans that I will give it everything I've got."

Just by the numbers, Lewis has plenty to give. Just by his attitude, he's got even more. But he said that is something he'd like to give the Husker fans now, seeing as how he said he's done recruiting, no more official visits, and he's glad to be a Husker. He wants them to have a little added insight on him:

"I'm nobody special. I'm just another guy, who is going to work hard to earn anything he gets," he said. "It's great being treated like you are something special, but that doesn't mean you have to act like it. I don't. I'm just me and I'm going to be excited to meet all those crazy Husker fans."

"It's going to be great to be a Husker."

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