Hicks has a good time on first official

One of the most recent offers from Nebraska went to Florida linebacker, Brandon Hicks. It's a little unusual to get a chance to get a player in, of Hicks' caliber, in such a short time frame, but Nebraska did have some ties to Hicks. While the Nebraska official wasn't something that Hicks was thinking about a month ago, he might not be able to forget it anytime soon.

At 6-foot-2 and 205 pounds, Brandon Hicks, from Jacksonville (Flor.) Nathan Bedford Forrest tackled his first official visit this weekend. Nebraska was the first to get a trip from Hicks.

"I am at the airport right now," Hicks said. "The trip went really good. I am just waiting on my plane."

"I flew in on Thursday night to Nebraska. We got a chance to see the stadium and the field up-close with our own tour guide before they played. We also got a chance to see all of their trophies. We got to see the National Championship room."

The game day atmosphere is something that mostly all recruits have their own personal experience with. Hicks had one of those types of experiences.

"The game was real intense. Some of the fans knew who we were. They had our names on posters and stuff. One guy was yelling 'This is your future jersey, man!' and it was crazy."

Nebraska played a good game defensively on Friday. Hicks said that after watching that he could see himself fitting in. "Yeah I do. I really do."

After the game one of the things that Hicks really liked was hanging out with the team in the locker room. Getting to hear the coach address the team and talk to the players.

"We got to go into the locker room after the game and see that. I got to talk to the players right after the game. The players were telling me all about different things in their situation."

Hicks doesn't have another official visit to compare Nebraska to, but he was impressed with what he saw. "This was my first official visit. I saw everything that I wanted to and then some. I was really blown away by their hospitality."

"I would really rate it as a good "9" or a "9.5". It was pretty good. When I was thinking about eating we were always on our way somewhere to eat."

"They woke you up to come down for breakfast. I fell asleep during the day at the hotel and they came and woke up and said that they we're going to eat now. I didn't have to worry about food."

After Nebraska, Hicks is looking to take at least three more official visits. "I am looking at taking visits to Clemson and LSU. I am going to go to Miami too, but after the other two."

Hicks didn't commit, but he did say that at least one did and that there might have been another this morning. "I know that Eric Hagg committed while I was up there. The coaches were talking to me about a junior college player that was possibly going to commit."

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