One visit to go for Fleener

The applications are really limitless when you have a weapon like Coby Fleener. He is a tall, athletic tight end that can provide all sorts of match up issues with his height, but his speed adds the vertical passing game as well. Fleener went to Arizona State last week and Nebraska this weekend. How did the two visits compare and what does the rest of the process consist of for Fleener?

At 6-foot-6 and 215 pounds, Coby Fleener has a great frame for a college tight end. However, when you add his 4.4 speed that is when you really begin to realize his potential. Fleener was in Lincoln this weekend for an official visit.

"I am in the airport right now," Fleener said. "I thought that the visit was awesome. It really was."

Fleener said that there was one thing above all of the rest that really stood out about Nebraska. He couldn't help but acknowledge Nebraska's fans.

"I would say definitely the fan support. When people walk up to you and know your name you know that they are into Husker football."

"There were people there with posters with our names on it. They were asking us for our autographs. That was pretty cool."

When a recruit gets to watch the game they can sometimes envision themselves on the field. Fleener said that what he could bring to the field at Nebraska is a little different than what the team has currently.

"I hope that I could bring something totally different to the team. I think that I could be a vertical threat to the tight end position."

"When I was watching the game I noticed that a lot of the throws were short. Hopefully, I could bring that threat downfield and cause some match up problems."

Fleener did not pull the trigger on a commitment to Nebraska. He isn't through with the process yet. "I am at least going to take one more visit."

Last weekend Fleener took in an official to Arizona State. That previous official visit has provided a great basis for comparison with Nebraska.

"Some of the similarities are great coaching staffs. I got a long with both. The facilities are great. They are both in great areas."

"If there was one thing it would be the fan support at Nebraska. It's unbelievable. I don't think that anyone can compete with that."

Fleener saw a familiar face as an official visitor this weekend. That one visitor plus his friends and another visitor from Illinois made it a pretty close-nit group of recruits.

"It was really nice. We all got to know eachother really well. Jaivorio Burkes and I have become pretty good friends over the past couple of weeks."

"It was a great weekend despite getting only the one commit. All of these guys want to take their visits and be smart. They want to see their options."

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