It was everything he expected it to be

Larry Asante was able to go into Manhattan, Kansas and watch the Wildcats upset top 10 Texas, and he didn't bat an eye. He loved it, as you would expect, but he had other official visits he wanted to take. Nebraska was the next, and if the win over Texas couldn't blow him away, surely this couldn't either. Or could it?

In what was easily the biggest win for the Kansas State program in years, Coffeyville linebacker Larry Asante took it in and said that it was great, but he's got other official visits to take.

That's something, because as we have learned in the recruiting world, some of these young men commit on almost every official visit they take. Asante was firm about that, and said that while he didn't rule out the possibility of him committing on an official visit, he said it wasn't real likely.

That brings us to the official visit he took to Lincoln, Nebraska, to watch Nebraska end the regular season as they hosted the Colorado Buffaloes. In what was a bizarre game of sorts, the big red pulling out one trick play after another, you'd think something like that would leave an impression.

For a defensive player, though, would that be a good one, or did he think the cartoon-like game was just that. "The game was great," Larry said. "I didn't mind the trick plays at all, because whatever you have to do to win, that's what you do."

Any recruit that visits Nebraska is invariably going to bring up the fans. The "Sea of Red" has become famous across the country, or infamous, depending on how you look at them. It wasn't any different for Asante as he said that the crowd made the atmosphere what it was. "The crowd was everything I heard it would be. They were loud and really into the game," Larry said.

Larry's host was junior running back Brandon Jackson, who once again was the workhorse for the Husker offense, toting the ball a career-high 34 times, but he also led the team in receptions with six. Asante said of Jackson and of everyone he met or talked with, everyone couldn't have been better. "B.J. was great, but so was everyone else. From coach Coz to coach Elmassian, I had a great time," he said. "I learned everything I wanted to know, I got to see everything I wanted to see and the whole experience was everything I expected it to be."

One thing that did concern Asante coming in was about grades, and just how many of his credits would transfer from Coffeyville to the University of Nebraska. It's not uncommon that we have seen just with Nebraska, players have to take additional classes after they initially thought they were good to go.

After careful investigation, Larry said he was happy with the answer. "It looks like they all will," he said of how many credits will transfer to Nebraska. "That was a huge concern for me, so it was really nice to see that academically, everything seems to fit."

Another thing that fits is what Asante would be doing for the Huskers, as they are recruiting him to play safety for the big red. Larry said he already knew who he was being recruited to replace. "They said that if I came there, I'd be competing to take over for No. 8, who is graduating this year," he said.

He wouldn't be the only guy competing for that spot, but this is one recruit that looks at competition and says ‘bring it on.'

"Competition is good and makes me better. You aren't going to go anywhere there isn't competition," he said. "That's fine to me. I'm down with beating anyone to earn my spot on the field."

On a scale of 10, Asante said that he gave the Huskers a "9.7". Larry wouldn't go into a real explanation of the .7 or what happened for the Huskers to lose three-tenths on the scale. He said it was what he wanted to see, everything he thought it would be, and he's studied this team up and down and knows just what Nebraska looks like in the future.

"On offense you got all the running backs coming back next year, plus the offensive line, all the receivers and you have that Arizona State transfer at quarterback, who was like preseason top 25 for the Heisman last year," he recalled. "So, the offense is set.

"On defense, No. 90 is gone along with 94 and a couple of others, and one of the linebackers too. That's where they need to have guys step up and guys come in that can make some plays. So, I know that if I chose to come here, I'd be coming to a team that's legit."

Sticking to his guns of not making any rash decisions, there are two more official visits Asante has yet to take. He'll be visiting both Clemson and Arkansas in the up-coming month. After that, probably a decision, one which he's excited about, because no matter where he goes, he knows it will be a good place for him. "I've already seen some great places and I know the next two will be too," he said. "It will be a tough decision, but there are some really good teams on my list. That's the exciting part. I know no matter where I go, I'm going to a really good place to be."

Asante is scheduled to graduate in December and will have three years to play three

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