Lineman enjoys his trip to Nebraska

Nebraska brought in their first two offensive lineman prospects this weekend. Jack Cornell is a 6-foot-7 and 305-pound offensive tackle from Illinois that made a decision to commit to Michigan State then Michigan State decided to fire their coach. Cornell is really sorting through what is happening at Michigan State and at two other schools.

Jack Cornell is a monster of an offensive lineman. At 6-foot-7 and 305-pounds, the tackle from Quincy (Ill.) Notre Dame, was in Lincoln this weekend for an official. He wasn't there as long as the others were though.

"We had to leave a day earlier than the others," Cornell said. "We had to get back. We had some plans for today and had to get back."

Despite having to get back home to take care of some plans, the trip couldn't have gone a lot better for Cornell and his family. Again, Cornell cited the gameday atmosphere as one of the biggest reasons. He thought he was prepared for it, but the experience blew him away.

"I loved it. The atmosphere and the whole game day was just great. Everybody is just so passionate. Everyone loves their football and they are so into this team."

"Coach Callahan was probably right when he said that these are the greatest fans in all of college football. They just love them so much. The "Sea of Red" was so impressive."

"I had some ideas about what to expect. However, once I got there it just blew me out of the water. It's one of the best college gameday atmospheres. It was just awesome."

Besides the fans and the game, Cornell said that getting a chance to get down on the field and take a little tour also stood out to him about the visit.

"Friday before the game started we got a chance to get down on the field. We really just got a chance to get a good look at everything. We got to see where everything is at and the compact campus."

Nebraska was actually Cornell's second official visit. He has his third official visit set up to Illinois.

"That was my second official, but I am taking a third official to Illinois on December 9. My first was to Michigan State."

People sometimes think that visits are visits. However, recruits get to see things at one school and then again at another. Cornell walked through some of the similarities between Michigan State and Nebraska.

"I think that the similarities were to get to see the game, check out the campus and check out the academics. As far as academic support goes I would say that Nebraska were the best I have seen."

By contrasting the visits and the schools a little, Cornell was able to rate both the Nebraska visit and the Michigan State visit.

"I would have to say that Nebraska was a "10". Everything there was just great. I really didn't find anything there that was bad. Everything was just awesome."

"I would say that Michigan State was about a "9.5" or a "10" too. They just did everything so nice. They really did everything great."

Cornell is waiting to see what happens with some of the staff at Michigan State after firing the head coach. In the time being he has to look around too, but even if looking around was half-hearted then he didn't do himself any favors with seeing Lincoln.

"No, no obviously not. Nothing got any easier. I am still committed to Michigan State and I am not sure how much longer that is going to last. I am going to sit down with my family and go over pros and cons."

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