Hagg talks about commitment

Nebraska had nine official visitors in this past weekend and they secured only one verbal. That one verbal though is very important because of his versatility. Eric Hagg is being labeled as an athlete by the coaches in Lincoln and if he had his way he would play receiver. However, he will do what is asked of him to be part of this team.

Eric Hagg has committed to be a Husker. The 6-foot-3 and 185-pound athlete from Glendale (Ariz.) Ironwood took only the one official visit, but saw enough to give them his word.

"Yeah, I did," Hagg said. "I guess it was just everything that when you put it together it was just so nice."

"It was the coaches, the environment, the visit, the players, the facilities, the fans and everything that made me want to commit."

Hagg is being called an athlete, and he is an athlete, but if you asked what position he would like to play he would have an answer for that too.

"I would rather play receiver, but if they want me to play something else that is fine with me. I did play offense and defense this year."

Hagg was a standout for Ironwood on both sides of the ball this past year. One piece of misinformation had him playing safety this year and that is not the case.

"I don't know all of my stats. I know that I caught 12 touchdowns and that I had five interceptions. I played cornerback and not safety."

More than likely Hagg will play his college days on the defensive side of the football. Hagg would also have a preference out of playing safety or cornerback as well.

"If I had to play cornerback or safety I would probably prefer just to play cornerback. I am used to it. I have never played safety."

One the official visit, Hagg got time to talk to some players as well as some general students. You can hear the same answer from multiple players on the same question, but when you ask a regular student the same question and get the same answer it tells you it's the truth.

"I got to hang out with some of the players and some of the regular students too. The regular students said that college life is hard, but that being in Lincoln is real nice."

"There was like, you know how some people will tell the recruits the same thing over and over again, but you could go ask just regular people too and they said it was nice too. How is the coach going to be able to tell them that too?"

Hagg wasn't alone on his official. He brought traveled with two friends, Jaivorio Burkes and Prince Amukamara, and he consulted with both of them before he made his decision.

"They said that it was smart of me to commit. Prince and Jaivorio both said that it was a good school to go to. I don't know if they are going to go there or not, but they said that they liked it there."

Honestly, Hagg hasn't had a lot of opportunities to see Nebraska play this year beyond the Colorado game. He said that he is hopeful that Nebraska can pull off a win over Oklahoma this weekend.

"Hopefully they win, but I don't know. I haven't had a lot of chances to see them play. Hopefully it will be a good game."

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