Big OT set to see Nebraska next week

Sometimes good players on bad teams just get overlooked. So might be the case with this massive offensive tackle. At 6-foot-8 and 300 pounds, and also a basketball player, he isn't sitting on a lot of offers which kind of confuses him. Some schools though have seen his talent though on a very poor team. One of those schools is Nebraska.

Nebraska was looking for taller lineman last year and found a handful. This year, the number is less, but the biggest of ht bunch just popped up.

Marcel Jones from Phoenix (Ariz.) Trevor Browne High School is 6-foot-8 and 300 pounds. Some might think that big can't move. He also playes basketball. His football season didn't go too good though.

"Our season didn't go too good," Jones said. "We were just 2-8. Last year we went 1-9 and the team was already kind of down."

"We won our first game, but once we lost that second game most of the guys just started giving up. Towards the end of the season we only had 20 and we started out with 40. Half of the 20 were junior varsity."

Jones would tell you that he played O.K., but it doesn't help him forget about his senior season team record. "I thought that I did pretty good, but that really doesn't mean much. It doesn't help our record at all."

Recruiting has been a little slow, but it's starting to pick up for Jones. He has been on one official, is set to take another and there could be one to come after that.

"I took an official visit over to Arizona State. I have been talking to Oregon State and they want to get me out there. I haven't had that chance though."

"Yeah, I would love to take a visit to Nebraska. I was talking to Coach Bill Busch about it today when he came and visited me. I think that I am set for December 8. It's their banquet."

On the official to Arizona State, Jones said that talking to the coaches is something that you have to do, but getting a chance to talk to the players is something that he liked to do.

"I just liked hanging out with the players. That was pretty cool. Of course on visits you have to talk to the coaches, but I really liked just hanging out with the players and talking to them. Seeing what they feel."

When Jones takes his officials he is looking to fit in. He doesn't want to go somewhere and not feel comfortable.

"I am looking for if a school is a fit for me. Like if I go there and I feel comfortable. Another thing is how many guys they put into the league. Do they have a history of doing that."

Sometimes Nebraska games don't get regional coverage in the Southwest, but they did this past week. Besides that game, Jones already knows a little about Nebraska. "I got a chance to watch them play against Colorado. I already know a little about Nebraska."

"Wow, Nebraska? You know. Growing up as a kid it's Nebraska or Notre Dame. It's a big school. They have tradition. Having a chance to play there is a big honor."

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