Huskers turn up the heat for Amie

There is a renewed effort to get into Texas for recruits by Nebraska. It was the perfect year to do so with Nebraska winning the Big 12 North, potentially the championship and being on TV that carried regional coverage into Texas multiple times this year. Nebraska has seven commits from the Lone Star State, could Amie be eight?

After seeing Jacob Amie's name slip on the official visitor list for Nebraska, it looks like there is finally a solid date. Football is over for Amie who is already playing another sport.

"I am pretty worn out from basketball practice today," Amie said. "We lost our game this past weekend and it's fine. I can deal with it after having a losing season last year."

The 6-foot-4.5 and 232-pound tight end from Tyler (Texas) Lee has already had in-home guests. In fact, the first there was there a bit longer than expected.

"Yes sir, Coach Randy Jordan was here on Sunday. He told me that he was going to stay for a couple of minutes, but he ended up staying for about three or four hours!"

"My mom didn't meet him, actually it was my guardian. My guardian is my uncle. He played in the NFL for a while. He asked him about 300 questions. Coach Jordan got his moneys worth when he came down here."

In that three to four hours, it was laid out for Amie how Nebraska would like to use his abilities. It also was a time to get Amie up to speed with all that is Nebraska.

"Coach Jordan was telling him how they plan to use me. He said that they want me to line up in the backfield, out wide, as a tight end and get me on a linebacker to get a mismatch."

"It really interested me a whole lot. About 98% of what Coach Jordan was telling us I had no idea about. He was telling me about their five championships, how the coaches got there, the support system and all that. It was crazy."

Tyler Lee lost last weekend in the playoffs. While the season came to an end, the recruiting visits can begin. "I am going to take a visit there on December 15. That is supposed to be for their bowl party."

One of the reasons Nebraska is sure to get a visit is because of Nebraska's efforts with Amie. He has literally spoke to about each Nebraska coach, but he couldn't tell you all their names if he tried.

"I actually just got done talking to Coach Shawn Watson just a second ago. I have spoke to a lot of coaches from there. I spoke to a whole group of people and didn't even know their names. I spoke to so many I thought that they were fans or something."

Nebraska will be one of at least four official visits and one unofficial. Amie is also possibly looking at another visit so while he still considers himself a Texas Tech commit he is going to go through the entire process.

"I haven't taken any official visits yet. I will take an official to Nebraska, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Missouri and I am going to take an unofficial to Baylor because it's so close. I might take one to Texas A&M."

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