Visit still up in the air

Scheduling official visits has been particularly difficult this year for Nebraska. First, there has been weekends that have led to early start times making it impossible for recruits to travel in from far away. Second, a change in NCAA rules now requiring recruits to have their test results has dates bumping back. The second one may keep Shawn Sullivan away another week.

One of Nebraska's longest standing commitments is also one that hasn't made an official visit yet. Shawn Sullivan from Brenham (Texas) might get that chance to take his official this weekend. Then again, maybe not.

"Coach Shawn Watson is coming down here tomorrow," Sullivan said. "He is going to talk to me about all of that. I don't know yet about this weekend."

Sullivan said that moving the official visit date hasn't been his choice. Nebraska has had some scheduling issues and since he's committed it's a little different.

"It's not by my choice. It's a bit of a different thing since I am committed. They are trying to get us all (the commits) come up there at the same time."

Another reason that Sullivan's official visit date seems to keep slipping is because he has yet to receive his ACT/SAT test score. It used to be that someone could take a trip having taken the test, now you must have your test score back.

Sullivan and Brenham were loaded this season with many players going division one. However, they saw their season come to a close early. A lot earlier than what was predicted by some.

"We lost this past weekend to Texas City by 10 points. It was the semi-finals. The season was a disappointment because of how early we lost."

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