McCants nearing a decision

Nebraska has been staying on top of the visitors that have come in already this year. One of those players is Ryan McCants of Corona (Calif.) Santiago. McCants is considered to be one of the top "big backs" in the nation and could also play other positions at the next level. He is nearing a decision and seems to have it narrowed down to four.

Last year Corona (Calif.) Santiago made it into the playoffs based on Ryan McCants efforts running the football. He rushed for 1,439 yards on 224 carries and 13 touchdowns and led his team to the second round of the playoffs.

It's a different story this year for Santiago and McCants. An injury cost McCants five games after having the biggest game of the season early in the year rushing for 209 yards and three scores.

"We're done," McCants said. "We didn't make the playoffs this year. We were 4-6 on the season. I did alright, until I fractured my leg four games into the season. I came back for the last game."

Despite the injury, McCants did what he could to keep his recruiting process going. He made some official visits despite the fractured leg.

"I still took visits on the fracture, I was walking around and stuff and I was still rehabbing. I wanted colleges to know that it wasn't threatening."

"I've taken visits to Colorado, Nebraska, Arizona State and Nevada. I am not quite sure if I am going to take a visit with that last spot."

The second visit that he took was out to see Nebraska. At Nebraska, McCants really enjoyed the gameday atmosphere and their fans.

"At Nebraska I liked the atmosphere and the fans out there. Their diehard. It's just a real nice place and they have nice facilities and a great coaching staff."

Since the season has ended things haven't quieted down for McCants. In-home visits have begun and he has already hosted four different schools.

"I have had three or four in-home visits. Nebraska, Nevada, Ole Miss and Colorado have all been in-home so far."

"Coach Bill Busch was just here from Nebraska. Everything is still going good with them."

McCants seems to be getting ready to wrap up his recruiting process. It seems that he is in some need to just sit down and talk things over right now.

"I am anywhere from a week to two to three weeks away from deciding. I have to sit down with my parents and my coaches and see where we are at."

McCants is looking to be comfortable at the school that he is going to choose. While the staff and the academics are still important, it is most important to feel at home.

"I just want to be comfortable with the school itself. I am looking for a good coaching staff and academics are really important. I just want to feel at home."

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