Callahan visit REseals the deal

When the story came out about current Husker commit Quentin Castillevisiting Louisville, you had to figure that it was over for this big red, another one grabbing Castille away. In that story, Castille talked about the depth chart at Nebraska, and how Louisville's seemed more favorable. After an in-home visit with Nebraska head coach Bill Callahan, Castille is singing a different tune.

Current Husker commit, running back Quentin Castille had already met Nebraska head coach Bill Callahan, when he went to Lincoln way back for the season opener against Louisiana Tech. His first impression was that he was a nice guy, but it seemed like he was a forthright person as well.

Official visit over

That was a long time ago, and a long enough time for a young man to think about the choice he made, and whether or not it was the right one for him. That's what Quentin did as he took a couple more visits, the most significant one to visit the University of Louisville.

The Cardinals are a top 10 team, and have one of the best running backs in the country in Michael Bush, who suffered a season-ending injury, which would more than likely mean he would be coming back for another year.

In the story done after his Louisville visit, Castille talked about how playing behind someone like Bush would help him, and that the depth chart of the Cardinals was far more friendly than it was at Nebraska. Plus, there was this belief he had, the origin of it unknown, that he could end up being moved to fullback. At 250 lbs., you could probably see why he thought that, even if it was only briefly.

The story ran, Castille was moved to a soft verbal for the Huskers, and pretty soon it was a given that he'd be in Louisville now instead of Lincoln.

Castille said to us, that even before Bill Callahan came in for his in-home visit, that just wasn't the case. "I was never really a soft commit to Nebraska, but I just needed to see a couple of things for myself to make sure," he said. "Right after the visit to Louisville, it was a good time, and the way they used Bush, that was kind of the role I saw myself for a team."

"So it was a good trip, but after I got back, you think about it, and Louisville was a good visit, not a great one. And the Big East has a couple of good teams, but the Big 12 has a lot more than that."

"Even before coach Callahan got here, I had already made up my mind that I made the right choice with Nebraska."

The visit didn't hurt, though.

Before the Husker head coach arrived, Castille found out that some of the staff from his school had ties to the head coach of the big red, dating back to Callahan's college coaching days. It was those ties he listened to when trying to get a real feel for the head man of the big red.

Once Coach Callahan arrived, everything he heard about the guy, Castille felt that it rang true, but what he found even more gratifying was something he initially said. "He said I wasn't a fullback and I would never be a fullback there," Quentin said. "I didn't even bring it up, and he just told me that with my vision and my power, he saw me as someone that could make a big impact right away."

"He told one of my coaches I was special, that he wanted me to work to try and play as a true freshman. He said it was up to me to make it happen."

Nebraska is no stranger to playing freshman in the backfield as all three backs they have now who came from the prep level, played their first years with the big red. Quentin said that an opportunity was all he wanted, because he is of the belief that all that competition will make him better, and make him even more likely to get on the field his first year. "They told me I have the vision, the best vision they have ever seen for a back of my size," Castille said. "They had seen my game where I had like 275 yards rushing and six touchdowns."

"Coach Callahan came to my house and told me that he believed in my ability, told me how they see me being used, and it just got me really excited to play."

Before the head coach arrived, Castille said that one of the members of the staff who knew Callahan from years before, said this was a guy you could trust. He said that he wasn't one of those guys that was going to tell you everything you wanted to hear. He would give it to you straight, and from his experience, if he said it was so, it was, and that was that.

Castille said that after talking to the former NFL head coach, he got just that kind of feeling and more. "He just came across as someone you could believe in. He spoke to you like one person to another," he said. "He just told me what he saw in me, how he saw them using me, and what he thought I could do in the future."

"That was good enough for me."

With the visit now in the rearview mirror, Quentin would be the first, second and last to tell you that recruiting is done for him. He's not testing the waters anymore, and he knows exactly where he's going to go. He got his feet wet someplace else, and while nice and a great program, he said that for himself, he sees that he made the right decision after all.

"All I am waiting for now is February seventh," he said. "That's when I will sign with Nebraska, and I will get ready to show what I can do."

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