Ross says he's a commit........."kind of"

If the talk about how David Ross will help the Huskers is a little subdued, you'd probably have to forgive the fans. While they are eager to think about Ross's excellent upside and size, and how it fits Nebraska, they are waiting for just one thing. It's the finality, where a player who is sort of a commit becomes a solid one. When is that? We asked Ross to find out.

Dominguez high school's (Compton, CA) David Ross felt like his trip to Nebraska was everything he wanted it to be. He saw all the facilities, got to see what a game was like and got a chance to get to know a few of the players. The place fit him, he liked everything he saw and saw a great opportunity to play.

So, he committed. Well, sort of.

"Yeah, I committed, because I kind of want to be there, but I don't know for sure right now," Ross said. "I mean, I really couldn't find anything wrong with the place and I had a good visit. But there's a couple of other places I want to check out."

Outside of the crowd, the coaches and the players, one thing that stuck with Ross was how much this program was literally the identity of the state. If you were talking about Nebraska amongst your friends and you were say, in Alaska, chances are you were talking about the big red. Ross found that especially appealing.

"Yeah, I really like that. Football is all that state knows," he said. "It's the only show in town, so everyone knows every player on the team."

Another thing Ross liked about the Huskers was that based on what he's seen and heard, he feels there's a real opportunity to play. The secondary, maligned much of the year for sub par performances, has gotten so much focus from the fans, because they feel that physically, Nebraska simply doesn't match up to a lot of the receivers they face.

The 6 foot, 1 inch, 190 pound Ross said that isn't a problem for him. "There isn't a receiver I line up against that has a real advantage over me, because I can bang with them and they can't jump over me," he said. "I like getting physical with those guys, because that's the only way they can play. They get beat at the line, though, they've got nothing else to show you."

Ross loves the idea of being a full time cornerback in college, because he hasn't had that luxury at the prep level. Playing both quarterback and DB, Ross knows what it's like to be physically spent after a game. That's not so bad, though, especially when you win the District title for the second time in three years, as Dominguez did this last weekend.

It'd be nice "just" to be a DB, though. "I didn't get to play all the time on defense, because I was the starting quarterback too," he said. "The coaches would pull me the first chance they got if we started to get a big lead. It will be nice just to play that position, so I can really work on it and get as good as I can be."

That should excite Husker fans, but the obvious point is that while Ross committed, he did it with a condition. That condition obviously was that he wasn't done taking trips. When looking at the two schools that are probably still left on the slate to see, if Nebraska fans aren't holding their breath just yet, you don't have to search real hard to find out why.

"I visit Washington on the fifth (January), and my teammate Brandon Johnson just committed there," David said. "We have talked about playing together. That's a cool thing, but if we don't, that's just how that goes."

"I will visit Oregon State too," Ross continued. "There are a couple of guys there too that went to this school, and it's not real close, but it's on the same side of the country I live."

The rest of his visits will take place in January, and Ross hopes to have a clear idea of what he wants to do after the last one (Oregon State) is done. He likes his choice now with the big red, but there are a lot of positives for him in looking as hard as he can.

"If I visit these places, then I know if it's better or worse than what I saw at Nebraska," he said. "I can't compare them if I don't take a look. I like Nebraska. That's why I committed. Now I just want to see if these other schools are better than what I have already seen."

"Besides, where I am from, you don't get to go out and see anything. You don't even get out of the city. This is my chance to see some other places around the country for free. Even if knew exactly where I was going, I'd probably still make the trips. I might not ever get a chance to do something like that again."

David said that he finished up the year with five interceptions and approximately 30 tackles on defense. In addition, he said that he scored eight touchdowns on offense, and added a punt return for a touchdown as well.

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