Cornell has his top two

Jack Cornell is making the most out of a bad situation. Cornell committed to Michigan State earlier this summer because it was the right place. That was then and with the coaching staff that was there. Since then, Cornell has picked up the pieces of his process and took a closer look at a few teams.

Jack Cornell has been a busy man as of late. A little over two weeks ago he was at Nebraska and this past weekend he took in his second official visit.

"I went to Illinois this weekend," Cornell said. "I think that the trip went pretty good."

Cornell felt at home at Illinois because of the surroundings and the people.

"Just how much it really reminded me of home. Also the people were really laid-back and I could really connect with them there. It made things really comfortable."

This wasn't the first time that Cornell had been to Illinois. He has been there a couple of times this year and at least one a couple of years ago.

"I have been up there a couple of times before. I was up there for up there for a couple of practices. I also went up there for a one day camp and to hang out with the coaches."

"I've been there for a couple of games. I was there for the Purdue game this year and I was there for the Purdue game last year. I've been there a little bit."

The situation really started to change for Cornell when the head coach at Michigan State was fired. Recently though, all of the assistants were let go as well.

"All of the coaches were let go from Michigan State and that is a pretty tough situation. I have no control over it, but the fact is I made a commitment to those coaches."

"Now that those coaches are gone I felt like Michigan State wasn't the right place for me. It's not the same situation."

The timetable for Cornell and a decision could come any time over the Holiday season. As of right now though he isn't as concerned with the decision as he is his academics.

"We have finals coming up, so right now I am not thinking about making a decision anytime soon. Over Christmas vacation though I will get some time to sit down and think about things. Hopefully before the new year I will have a decision."

Cornell has things trimmed down as far as he can take them right now. "Illinois and Nebraska are my final two. I will be choosing between the two."

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