Kirkendoll looking at taking some visits

The playoffs are a double-edged sword for those that don't want to take official visits during the season. It often times means that you won't get to take visits until December or even after the dead period. So is the case with James Kirkendoll and now basketball is here. He will start working in visits now, though.

There is no off-season anymore for high school, multi-sport athletes. One sport leads right into the other. Last weekend James Kirkendoll lost in the playoffs and this weekend he was in a basketball tournament.

"We had a basketball tournament this weekend," Kirkendoll said. "It's been right out of one sport and into another."

"We lost to Allen in the playoffs. I think that I had over 800 receiving yards, 17 total touchdowns and I had 49 tackles with four interceptions."

Those types of numbers helped Kirkendoll pull down some impressive honors. Beside district honors, Kirkendoll will be taking part in the East meets West game in Orlando.

"I got first team all-district receiver and return specialist. I also got second team all-district cornerback."

Recruiting has been an on-going thing that is really getting a lot of attention now from Kirkendoll. His first visit may come this weekend. "Recruiting is going good. Right now I am looking to go to Oklahoma this weekend, but I am not sure yet."

"After the dead period, in January, I am looking to go out to Florida, Tennessee and Oklahoma if I don't go this weekend."

One might assume that those three schools could be tops for Kirkendoll, but there is another that has found their way into his top three. He is still trying to get all of his dates set for his official visits.

"That really isn't my top three. My top three would Florida, Oklahoma and probably Nebraska. Then I would have Texas Tech and Tennessee."

"Yeah, I am going to try to get one up to Nebraska. The problem is that we got out of football kind of late and I am trying to work in all my visits. I would like to go to Nebraska too."

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