Stephenson will be in Lincoln this weekend

It's pretty clear looking at the past two weekend's official visitor lists for Nebraska, and this weekend's, that there is an emphasis on trying to find a couple of offensive lineman. Before two weeks ago there were zero lineman to see Nebraska and after this weekend there will have been five. This top Midwest lineman is one of two this weekend.

Donald Stephenson just saw his team lose in the first round of the playoffs a couple of weeks ago. However, the 6-foot-6 and 275-pound lineman from Kansas City (Mo.) Central said the season was still a good one.

"It went real good," Stephenson said. "We did lose in the first round, but we did real good overall. We ended up 9-2."

Stephenson did not participate enough on the season to be considered for district or state honors because of injury.

"I didn't get any honors this year because I got injured this year. They said that I missed too many games."

"I missed about seven games. I had a toe injury. I broke a toe. Everything is fine now. I played the last two games."

Stephenson waited for the season to end before taking official visits. So far, he has taken two and have the other three set. He is looking for the most comfortable place.

"I have already taken one official visit up to Kansas the other weekend. It was fun. The coaches and the players were the most impressive part of that visit. I also went up to Missouri."

"I have Nebraska this weekend and Oklahoma and Michigan in January. I am looking for the place where I feel most comfortable. I want to take all of my visits."

"I want to meet the coaches and players and see where I am most comfortable. If the whole day or weekend is awkward, then there is a pretty good chance I won't go there. I have felt pretty comfortable at Kansas so far."

Since the in-home visits could begin, a handful of schools have been in-home with Stephenson.

"Missouri, Michigan, Kansas and Nebraska have all been in house with me so far. Nebraska was actually just here the other day."

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