Does Townsend make it a family tradition?

With John Blake departing the program, the recruiting of defensive linemen was going to be sketchy, or so it was presumed. For Joseph Townsend Blake leaving for North Carolina was big. But he wasn't going to not give new D-line coach Buddy Wyatt and Nebraska another look. Now that he has done just that, what did he think? Will he be the second Townsend to be a Husker?

Foothill junior college defensive tackle Joseph Townsend called me a few days ago and said that John Blake was going to North Carolina. As you would expect Townsend said that Blake leaving was potentially huge. That's why he liked Nebraska. That's why he was so enamored with the big red. But he wasn't about to not give the new defensive line coach at least a chance.

After officially visiting Nebraska this weekend, and meeting coach Wyatt, Townsend's fears were laid to rest. "I committed this morning," Joseph said. "I got a chance to meet coach Wyatt and he's probably the biggest reason I am coming here to play."

With that commitment Joseph becomes the second Townsend to play, at least from this family, brother Larry having played defensive tackle for the Huskers in the mid-90s.

As to all the other things Townsend got to see that he didn't when he came in for a game earlier in the year, he said it fit everything he wanted. "The facilities are impressive. You expect something like that, but you see them and they are big time," he said. "But the big thing is that they have a 94 percent graduation rate, and I am definitely getting my degree."

"It was pretty easy once I met coach Wyatt and saw everything. So, I didn't think I needed to wait."

Townsend played only one year for Foothill Junior College and will have four years to play three for the big red.

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