Is Wallace Franklin "N"?

If there was a player that you were rooting for, to get qualified in 2005, it might have been Wallace Franklin. Franklin tried multiple times in the first part of 2005 to get the necessary score, but came up just shy of a passing mark. A year and a half has been spent about 300 miles south of Lincoln at Butler. Will Franklin finally get to Lincoln?

Nebraska has been looking for a speed guy at the receiver position and it found it with an old name. Wallace Franklin, a 2005 non-qualifier, is now part of the 2007 class as a wide receiver.

"Yes, I committed," Franklin said. "I am on-board."

The visit was the first time in two years that Franklin would have seen Lincoln. How did the recent visit go and what was new?

"It went good. They have a lot of new facilities. It's just outstanding."

Another change was the coach at wide receiver. Turner Gill is now the head coach at Buffalo and Franklin hadn't met the new wide receiver coach.

"Coach Ted Gilmore is a great guy. He's so friendly and everything. We talked a lot and he told me he can't wait to get my speed on the field."

Franklin received strong praise for his speed from Coach Gilmore. "He said that I would be the faster receiver when I came in next year."

Athletically and academically, Franklin plans to keep plugging away. He wants to be in shape when he reports and has a manageable academic load that he must finish.

"I am going to keep working out, staying shape. I am not going to try and put on any weight so I can keep my speed."

"I just have 14 hours left. That isn't a lot. I can get that done. I will be up in the summer. Probably in June or July."

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