Huskers get high mark

With all of the updates really focusing on commitments recently for Husker fans, it seems easy to forget about the official visitors that did not commit. You can't forget about Donald Stephenson though. One of the top rated, interior lineman in the nation was in Lincoln for his third official visit and had good things to say about the trip.

Nebraska has had a recent run of good luck in terms of commitments, but they had a successful weekend overall with all official visitors this past weekend. Donald Stephenson is one that didn't commit this past weekend, but it's not because he didn't enjoy Nebraska.

"It was really fun," Stephenson said. "I had fun. It was a good time."

One of the things that stood out to Stephenson was how well he and the head coach seemed to connect. That was surprising to Stephenson considering the NFL background.

"It was a surprise for me that Bill Callahan was as personable and relaxed as he was. Before I met him I couldn't help but think of him coming from the NFL."

"We connected better than what I thought we would. It's a very family environment up there. He's more of a player's coach."

Bowl practices are in full-swing and the official visitors had a chance to see it on Saturday.

"The practice was very up-tempo and fun to watch. I don't know if it's that way all the time. It was fun to watch."

One of the more moving events of the weekend was a team function on Saturday for under-privileged children with the team.

"On Saturday, they had a thing where kids came up and the players bought gifts for them. They also sang Christmas carols. It was really nice."

Stephenson's host was from Missouri and the two related really well.

"I didn't know Keith Williams before he went to Nebraska. We hung out a lot. He's a real good person. You can tell he's real focused. All he talked about was the opportunities at Nebraska and why he made his decision to go to Nebraska."

There is a decision coming up sooner than expected for Stephenson. He has to choose which official visit to re-schedule.

"I have official visits set up to Michigan and Oklahoma. I have both visits set for January 12th. My mom and I are trying to figure out which one we are going to go on first. I will visit both."

The Nebraska official visit is Stephenson's third official visit. He also gave the visit to Lincoln the highest mark in comparison to the previous two visits.

"I took an official visit to Kansas the first weekend in December. I went to Missouri the weekend after that and then Nebraska after that. The three weekends in December, I have been on official visits."

"I would rate the visit to Kansas an '8' or '9'. It was great. The visit to Missouri was probably a '9'. The Nebraska visit was the best so far. I wouldn't give it a perfect score, but it was higher than a nine and lower than a 10."

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