Davis says he's solid to NU

There has been a recent surge of defensive commits for Nebraska including a couple of defensive tackles. Nebraska was quick to snatch up a defensive tackle from nearby St. Joseph, Mo. to start out the year, but some recent rumblings had him wavering. Added to that, he hadn't visited Lincoln yet. Big Red Report puts those rumblings to rest.

One of the earliest commitments to Nebraska was Demetrious Davis. Davis, a 6-foot-4 and 280-pound defensive tackle from St. Joseph (Mo.) Benton, led his team into the playoffs.

"We did pretty good," Davis said. "We went 8-4. We got into the quarterfinals and lost to Lee's Summit West."

"I don't know what my stats were. I played defensive tackle all year and played some fullback and offensive line every once in a while."

Davis doesn't know his stats, but obviously he had a very good year given the honors he has received.

"I got all-state, all-conference, all-district and all-city. I am playing in the East versus West game in Orlando on January 6. Jared Crick and I are playing on the same team."

Some recent rumblings have had Davis wavering on his commitment mostly because there have been some questions as to why he hasn't officially visited yet. Davis put those rumors to rest.

"I am still firm to Nebraska. I am taking my official visit to Lincoln after I get back from Orlando. It might be the 12th."

While Davis is still solid to Nebraska that doesn't mean teams have backed off of him. He said that there is one new team and the usual suspects that are still contacting him.

"No, a lot of people are still after me. Recently, Oklahoma entered the picture and everyone else is still after me."

"So, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas State, Kansas and some others are still heavily recruiting me. They haven't backed off."

"I'm a still solidly committed to Nebraska. I won't be taking any other official visits to see anyone else other than Nebraska."

That doesn't answer why Davis hasn't taken his official to Nebraska yet though. Davis had an answer for that one too.

"I just took the test last Saturday, so I don't know what I got on it yet. Because of the new rule I couldn't take my official visit yet."

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