Stafford saw what he needed to see

Sometimes you just have got to try. That may have been the Nebraska thought when it came to pursuing Austin Stafford before he got academically qualified. Nebraska stayed with him and on the other side Stafford got committed and Nebraska got a real gem of an outside linebacker.

Things just have a way of working out some times. That saying couldn't be more fitting for Nebraska and Austin Stafford. Stafford, a one-time question to get qualified, has now qualified and committed to Nebraska.

"The visit was good," Stafford said. "They have very good facilities. They have a great academic support system. They have a great graduation rate and I just think that it's a good school."

Without getting to see a game you'd think that it might be tough to fill a weekend with enough team related activities. With practice and another Christmas related activity with the team, Stafford got a lot of time with his future teammates.

"The practice was a very hard, intense practice. It is definitely a higher level and it's something that I want to experience. It should raise my level too."

"I thought it was nice for the players and the team to do something like that for the kids and the community. They gave those kids some nice Christmas gifts."

Austin's mom made the trip with him to Nebraska. There had to be some hesitancy going to Nebraska considering the distance from home, but his mom agreed with his choice.

"She thought it was wonderful. Mom's typically don't want their kids to go far away like from California to Nebraska, but she thought it would be a very good experience for me. A new environment and to see me adapt."

Stafford fills a big need at the linebacker position with his athleticism and versatility. Some like him inside, but Nebraska has him projected to start out outside.

"They told me a little, not too much. I would play outside linebacker. They told me that they want to use me to rush the quarterback a little bit. They haven't told me everything, but they told me some things."

If there is a storyline to follow with Stafford it might be how popular he could get after teams learn about him academically qualifying. To him though, the process is over. He hasn't considered taking any other visits.

"I am not really concerned with other schools. In fact, I haven't really thought about it. I am solid to Nebraska."

Stafford was unaware of his season stats or honors, but he has been asked to play in one all-star game. "They want me to go to Australia for the Down Under Bowl. It could be a good experience."

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