Catching up just before game time

It's a stage that if you standout, you are more of a household name then the day before. The experience though for Blake Lawrence was the recognition, the chance to play his natural position, getting a chance to meet a couple of future teammates and do well. Lawrence shared his experiences on the week.

Blake Lawrence has had an excellent chance to mingle with some of the best players in the nation this week. That included meeting two of his future team mates at Nebraska.

"It's been quite a treat to be with some of the top athletes in the nation," Lawrence said. "It's been enjoyable to get to know a couple of my future teammates."

"I got to meet Marcel Jones and Quentin Castille this week. Quentin is just a great player and guy and Marcel is a very good lineman, but they are both very good people."

What impressed Lawrence, maybe more than just the abilities of his future teammates, was how the players were as people. "It's great to know that the Nebraska staff is brining in a lot of great character people up there. I am excited about it."

The all-star games are a great chance to get back out and put on the pads one last time. It's also a chance to kind of take personal inventory. Lawrence has been doing that this week.

"I feel like this was a chance for me to see where I stack up compared to some of the best in the nation. We play the game in about an hour and a half and then I will know where I stand and what I have to do to get better."

"I obviously can't achieve everything that I want to in a week, but with this opportunity to go to Nebraska that is where I want to get to. I want to be the best."

There have been some differences between the level at the all-star game and the typical prep game level that Lawrence has noticed already.

"The lineman are a lot better. I think that the speed of the game went up a little bit, but not quite to the collegiate level. The size of the lineman, the size of the players blocking you, definitely was a step up."

Lawrence played a safety position this past year, but in Shreveport he had the chance to get back to playing linebacker.

"I am playing SAM. I was trying to get into the position that I was being recruited to play at Nebraska. I will be on the tight end most of the game, playing man or playing zone as well."

The linebackers are typically handicapped a bit by rules in all-star games and this game was no different. "We can't blitz or can't rush on punts. There aren't any other special rules."

Seeing the players this week, Lawrence saw one big need in his game, but it will take some time to get that under his belt and going into today, and looking at Lincoln, he knows he is ready.

"I think just size. I think that size is where I need to step up. I think that I am prepared for this game and for the next level."

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