Schulte set to become a Husker

It's almost as important for Nebraska, with Nebraska fans, to not only be successful, but to maintain a fair number of players that come from Nebraska. It's sometimes a difficult line to walk, but Nebraska is securing the future of their program from in-state. Aaron Schulte saw the greyshirt offer as potentially a better situation than possible full-ride offers.

The Nebraska class of 2008 already has two offensive lineman, but that number will increase by one with a greyshirt offer that was accepted by Aaron Schulte. Schulte, a 6-foot-6 and 305 pound lineman from Norfolk (Nebr.) Catholic verified his intentions.

"Yes I did," Schulte said. "I am taking classes on-line now and when I have that done I will enroll at Northeast Community College. In the spring of 2008, I will be on scholarship at Nebraska."

The greyshirt offer is a subject that sometimes is misunderstood. While Schulte won't be in Lincoln he will still be working out and preparing to join the team in the following spring.

"It's just a semester late enrollment. I will be working out. I will get a program and I will be lifting here by myself until I get to Lincoln."

Schulte is a player that could have potentially got a full offer. However, he just knew what he liked about Nebraska. "I just liked it down there. I like the atmosphere and I like the coaches a lot."

"I chose Nebraska over Kansas, Kansas State was sending me some letter and some division two offers. Kansas said that they would offer me, all or nothing."

Norfolk Catholic is typically a powerhouse program. Schulte has helped lead them to playoff births the past two years. Schulte says that he played alright this year and did haul in some nice honors.

"We made it to the semi-finals. I thought that I played alright. I played both ways. I had 126 tackle points, but I don't remember how many assisted or unassisted tackles. We don't keep pancakes. I got all-district and all-state again this year. Nebraska likes me as on offensive tackle."

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