Huskers pick up big commit

The Huskers have nabbed their second defensive line commitment in the past 24 hours. The first was Chris Perry, a four star prep defensive lineman from Keller (Texas) Fossil Ridge. The second is the former team mate of a current Husker who is looking forward of two more years right along side his old and future team mate.

Nebraska went in and offered both Shukree Barfield and Kevin Dixon from Garden City (Kans.) Barfield committed in December to Nebraska and is enrolled. Dixon is following suit now.

"He committed to Nebraska last night," Kevin Dixon's mother said. "Kevin's not here though now. He'll be back in Kansas tomorrow. Tomorrow evening."

When Dixon returned home to Florida for the holidays, he was waiting to at least make the trip to Louisville before possibly making a decision. The head coaching change at Louisville seems to have affected that visit.

"Kevin has had a visit set up for Louisville for some time. They have really stressed the fact that they didn't want him to sign with anyone before Kevin got a chance to go out there on a visit."

"That visit was something that Kevin wanted to do. However, Kevin pretty much knew what to expect because once Shukree Barfield had gone out there and he told Kevin about it. It was really down to Louisville and Nebraska at that point."

Dixon actually committed to Nebraska yesterday during the BCS Bowl Championship game. While Kevin's mom was a bit surprised by the timing, she couldn't have been happier with the decision.

"I was really kind of surprised yesterday, last night, that he announced it so soon. If it was my choice I would have said Nebraska because I have been with Nebraska from the very beginning. Everyone in my family has been."

"When Coach Kevin Cosgrove visited, when I had a chance to talk with him, he has been just so amazing to tell you the truth. He was really positive and upbeat. They have kept in contact with us a a lot."

The actual commitment really came down to timing. Nebraska made the call to Kevin at the right time and he was at the right place. He was there with family watching football.

"Nebraska really just called at a very good time because Kevin was feeling it. He was watching the game and he was saying 'Mom, I can do that! I can do that!' We had a really good time with all the family together."

"When the coach called, Kevin got to talking with him and we didn't know who it was. He told us that it was Coach Cosgrove and the next thing you knew we had a commit."

"After Kevin committed Coach Cosgrove wanted to talk to me. I told him that he had my vote and that I was not in protest at all. I just wanted him to make that decision on his own."

Kevin's mother said that they have also had great talks with new defensive line coach, Buddy Wyatt. Coach Wyatt replaced Coach John Blake before the bowl game.

Coach Shawn Watson was also key with Dixon and Barfield. Nebraska has added five defensive tackles since the departure of John Blake to North Carolina.

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