Husker Spotlight, Josh Brown

One game down and it was a special one. Special because of the win, but it was the special teams that turned a game from close into a route. With 2 blocked punts and 1 taken back for a touchdown, the impact was obvious. What could have been as big of a factor though was Josh Brown. In about every way, he was perfect. Perfect at extra points, perfect at field goals and when it came to pinning the opponent deep, yep, perfect. It's just the start of a season Josh hopes will be one to remember.

Start strong, finish stronger. That's the motto for this year's Nebraska Cornhuskers. Based on what happened in the last two games of the season prior, there's no secret as to the motivation behind that slogan. What Nebraska did this last Saturday was indeed, start strong, so the road to success is slowly being paved for everyone. That motto however does offer a unique challenge to one player that was literally perfect against ASU, that of course being, Josh Brown. When you kick two field goals and make them both and when you are 6 out of 6 in PATs and when you consistently pinned the opponent on their own 20 (at best), there's little room left to go upwards, but that is just what Josh intends to do.

Coming off a game like Josh had this last weekend, confidence was easy to come by. Too easy in fact. With the ASU contest being only the first of many, this start could be the best thing or the worst thing to happen for Brown. Josh felt that and put it in perspective. Sound Byte.

Obviously, this start bodes well for Josh Brown who has managed to hold off a determined Sandro DeAngelis for the starting duties. Brown actually had to regain those duties as the starter from DeAngelis last season, but did so, starting the last seven games. In that time, Josh made 10 out of 14 field goals and hit 34 out of 37 PATs. This year, Josh is perfect, but it wasn't just by chance.

From his comments, Josh stated about improving his technique, getting a better run at the ball and learning to be efficient first and excellent later. A big part of that learning process also involves kicking that ball in your mind before you ever kick it for real. It's about visualization. Sound Byte.

Let's face it though. Nebraska relies on field goal kickers like it relies on punters. At least for the quantity of their contributions. With a storied statistical history of scoring and scoring a lot, field goal kickers are needed at times, but more often than not, just warming up for PATs and kickoffs. With that kind of time to sit in between real field goal opportunities, the pressure to succeed becomes that much more. Sound Byte.

It's only one game into the season, but the special teams have already proven just how special they are or at the very least, can be. As you can imagine, Josh takes personal pride in that, not just because he is one of the biggest keys to the success of the special teams, but now, he's one of the veterans. Sound Byte.

There is a pride with each position played and certain ways that they (as individuals) gauge their success. Whether it's touchdowns, yards, sacks or field goal percentage, each has a goal. For Brown, it's about visualization and yes, it's about improving technique, but each time he goes out there, it's for one reason mainly. "I am doing what I can to help the team."

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