Paul stands out in bowl game

Nebraska had a pair of players on the West in the U.S. Army All-American game. The first commit to the Huskers, Niles Paul, played wide receiver for the West and was widely considered to be one of the biggest surprises of the week and most definitely one of the best players on the field. Paul commented on his experience in San Antonio.

It's always important to seal down the borders when it comes to recruiting. Nebraska locked up the best player in the state, Niles Paul, very early.

Paul, a 6-foot-1 and 200-pound wide receiver, may be Ahman Green's nephew, but he doesn't need any coattails to ride on. Paul has already started his own legacy which now has U.S. Army All-American on it.

"I had a lot of fun," Paul said. "I got to put myself up against some of the best players in the nation."

Paul had to like the way that he performed. From the people that watched, he heard some very positive things about his play.

"In my opinion, and according to some people that watched the game, I was one of the best receivers out there."

"I did all the dirty work. I got all the yards that I could. Basically, I felt like I was one of the best receivers there."

Paul had the confidence to go down to San Antonio with the idea that he could play well. He needed to make some adjustments because of the competition. After that he was dialed in.

"Honestly, in the back of my head I knew that I could come out there and do it. The people I had played against before weren't up to the players I was going to face, game."

"After I got up there, I adjusted to their game. I knew then that I would be an impact to that game."

Paul got a chance to see players up close and personal in practice and the game. As seen on there were plenty of one on one drills between wide receivers and defensive backs and Paul said that the best were in the West."

"Stefoin Francois and Christian Scott were both very tough in the bump and run drills. They were the strongest DBs in the whole Army game."

Paul got a chance to meet another future Husker in San Antonio, Travis Lewis. Lewis played offense, defense and special teams for the West.

"He is a good dude, personally, and he is real good athletically. We are looking forward to getting the job done for the Huskers next year."

Paul is out of one sport and right back into another. Paul is hoping to finish up his senior year with another state title in track and a team championship.

"I am playing basketball right now and when I finish that up I will start track. I want to win another state championship for Omaha North."

When Paul finishes up in track he is going to get to work getting ready for Lincoln. Paul has a couple of things that he will start working on immediately.

"I definitely want to get my speed up. When I was down in San Antonio I felt like I run routes better now then what I used to run. So, get my speed up and strength."

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