Peters enjoys trip to Nebraska

Nebraska is still looking to fill a spot or two in their class. This weekend they brought in two from Louisiana. Both, unaccustomed to seeing snow and feeling the cold, left Nebraska impressed. Jason Peters says that the snow was a good change to experience and is set to see two more schools in the coming weeks.

It was a bit of a detour, but Jason Peters made it home last night after having to make a connection in Houston as opposed to Dallas because of weather. There was bad weather all through the area.

"We made it back," Peters said. "We got delayed in Houston. We were supposed to land in Dallas, but they were having some bad weather."

Despite the traveling issues, Peters said that the visit to Nebraska went good. He really noted two things about the trip that he appreciated the most.

"It went real well, real well. I liked their high appreciation for football and their high standards for academics."

Peters was a little surprised by Nebraska's academics. Having got a chance to see it and Lincoln really opened his eyes as to the possibilities.

"It really did, because I didn't know a lot about the school before I went and now I realize the tradition and the heritage that they have there. I am very impressed with it."

Peters probably took off from 50 or 60 degree weather to only see the teens or 20s in Lincoln. The weather didn't affect his thoughts on the area and he even embraced the change.

"It was snowing when I got to Lincoln. It doesn't bother me at all. The snow was nice. It was a lovely change. It' since to see that."

Nebraska was Peters' second official visit. All of the visits are getting a similar mark, per Peters, and he has two more visits set.

"I took an official visit to Georgia Tech. All of the visits, right now, are about an "8" or a "9". After Nebraska I have Florida and LSU."

There is still a chance that Peters might take a trip in the first weekend of February. "The last visit might go to Notre Dame. I might set that one up, but that hasn't been determined yet."

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