Gilleylen set to see Lincoln

Nebraska is still looking for one or two guys it seems to go on top of a very impressive class. One of the top targets for Nebraska seems to be Curenski Gilleylen. The Huskers are targeting faster, slot-type receivers in an effort to stretch the field vertically. Gilleylen looks to be a top target.

Curenski Gilleylen from Leander (Texas) just got back from one visit in January and is set to take another visit this weekend. Gilleylen just returned from Tennessee this weekend.

"It was good," Gilleylen said. "The coaches were great and it's a football environment."

"You could tell that the coaches cared about us. Also, they are really into developing the players. They want everyone to get better and they will do all that they can to get people better."

Gilleylen was able to compare his experiences at Tennessee to his previous official visit. He was able to rate each official visit that he has taken so far.

"I have been on a visit to Purdue before. Tennessee was my second visit. I would rate the visit to Purdue about a "7". I would rate the visit to Tennessee about a "9"."

Gilleylen is at least as interested, if not more, in the education that he will receive to go along with playing football. Gilleylen said that Tennessee had some similar things to Purdue and what he's seen before.

"It just seems that they have the right program in place, like everyone else does, so that people get the right start when they are freshmen."

"The actually have some people that are engineers that are on their team. If I were to go to that school it would be good to have them around to talk to."

Gilleylen is only back for a few days and then he is off on another official visit. This official visit he is interested in seeing what he has heard about and knows about.

"I have a trip set to Nebraska. I just want to see everything there because I have heard a lot about Nebraska and I know a lot about them, but I have never been up there or seen it before."

Coach Shawn Watson and Ted Gilmore will be in-home with Gilleylen on Wednesday night, but one of them has really been the primary recruiter for Nebraska.

"It's really been Coach Shawn Watson that has been recruiting me from Nebraska. I like him a lot. He cares about me and he's always been there. I feel like I am welcome already."

Nebraska hasn't pulled any punches about telling Gilleylen how important he is. Gilleylen knows that he fits the style and that given the opportunities that Nebraska gives to their wide receivers that he can make plays.

"He said that I am really at the top. Like a high person on their board, slot receiver-wise. They really want to get me up there to show me what they have to offer me."

"I know that I fit their style. They don't go deep a lot, but they do give it to you. After that they want to see what you can do with the ball and that is what I like to do."

There would be two other official visit weekends before signing day. Gilleylen might take another official visit and then again he might not. The school that he would visit he has seen twice already.

"I would like to take one more. I would really like one more week to sit down, think about things and come up with my visit."

"I would take one to Oklahoma State probably, but I have been there before. I was there unofficially for a game against Texas A&M and I was up there this summer with my dad."

Gilleylen conceded that the schools that he has taken official visits to and Oklahoma State are his top four. He plans on making a decision before signing day because he figures that is what the school would want him to do.

"Yeah, I think those are my final four schools; Purdue, Tennessee, Nebraska and Oklahoma State. I really don't want to wait until the last minute to announce my decision."

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