Marcel Jones comments on game, his commitment

Nebraska has gone into Arizona and pulled out some of the top talent in the state. One of the more under-appreciated, and definitely under-rated, prospects in the state is Marcel Jones. Jones, a basketball player by nature, wouldn't have believe if you told him as a freshman that he would be an All-American football player as a senior.

Marcel Jones, a 6-foot-7 and 320 pound offensive tackle, was one of many to commit to Nebraska in a flurry in December. It was a little out of the blue for Jones too who was going to take some other visits.

"I just felt after taking my visit that Nebraska was a very good school," Jones said. "I really didn't feel like taking any of my other visits. I really thought that Nebraska was a good fit for me."

Jones is one of five prep players to commit to Nebraska. It's a unique situation, even more so since all of the players either know each other or know about one another.

"I really like it. I am leaving home and then again I am not. I am going up there with some guys I know. It's kind of wild. I like the of not being the only kid from Arizona."

Jones was part of an All-American game in Shreveport earlier this year. Lots of players might just look forward to that game, but Jones was excited to just have a chance to put on the pads one last time.

"It was great! I loved playing in that game. It was fun. All of the practices just leading up the game were a lot of fun. The players and everything were just great."

The honor of being an All-American in football is something that Jones couldn't have predicted. He always thought that he was a basketball player.

"I was like 'wow!'. Coming in as a freshman in high school I had a pretty strong opinion that I was a basketball player and not football."

"I started getting into football my sophomore year in high school. My junior year I was out. To be named an All-American my senior year is real big."

Jones has had a chance to think about his time in Shreveport and how he played. He missed on a couple of opportunities in the game for a pancake or two, but he didn't make any big mistakes that led to any sacks.

"I think that I did pretty good. I held my own. I didn't get any pancakes that I wanted, but I didn't let allow any sacks either. I think that I did pretty good."

Jones said that there was a distinct difference between the play that weekend in Shreveport and playing a game at home on a Friday night. Jones said that he liked having to put forth more effort.

"The level of competition was way better. Back home, not saying that they are all bad here, but there are no scrubs on an All-American team. You have to go 100%. I loved that competition."

While in Shreveport, Jones was able to meet a couple of current team mates that will also be his team mates in Lincoln. Having them there really made the weekend easy for Jones.

"That was pretty cool. Blake Lawrence is a pretty cool dude and so is Quentin Castille. I liked meeting them. It was real nice going to the All-American game and seeing them."

"The first day I was kind of nervous meeting everyone. Then you see a Nebraska hat and then a Nebraska shirt and you have to ask if they are going there too."

Jones admits that he had some thoughts about doing what he did in Shreveport again with his team mates. That is, blocking for a running back and getting a chance to try and block a linebacker.

"I got to block for Castille, like I will in Lincoln, and I got a chance to go and reach Blake. Man, Blake was moving. He was moving though."

Jones is playing basketball now. His team is off to a very good start and he is averaging nearly a double-double per contest, but hasn't had a chance to dunk one yet.

"We're 13-2 right now. We just got done with a pretty amazing game. I am averaging around 12 points and eight rebounds a game. I haven't got a dunk in yet, but I will pretty soon."

After basketball gets over with, Jones will head right back into another sport. Jones has great natural strength and he puts it to good use in field events. In the middle of track though, Jones wants to get back up to Nebraska one last time as a visitor.

"I throw shot and discus in track. I have that after basketball. In April I would like to go to the spring game in Lincoln. I don't have it set yet, but I would like to."

Jones hasn't thought about when he will get to Lincoln, but he got some information on that from his team mates in Shreveport. He hopes to catch up with his coaches at Nebraska to discuss it further with them.

"I haven't really thought about that. I spoke to Blake Lawrence and Quentin Castille about it and they said they would be there in June. I think that is a good time for me too. I need to talk to Coach Bill Busch and Coach Dennis Wagner about it too."

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