Cole to see Nebraska, mid-week next week

When you talk about fast football players in the state of Texas you have to talk about William Cole. Cole really showed off his speed in the 5A title game in San Antonio last month. His recruiting trips have just started and he is finding that he will need to take some trips in the middle of some weeks. He is looking at one of those next week.

Since the state title game, things have been a little crazy for William Cole. Cole, the quarterback from Cedar Hill (Texas), spoke about winning the state title.

"It's mind blowing," Cole said. "Especially in Texas because it's supposed to be a football state. It's fun to win one of the hardest divisions in 5A. It's been a long ride."

One of the reasons Cole is so successful on the football field, beyond his physical abilities, is his perspective. Every game this year was just another game whether if it was at home or in the Alamo Bowl and regardless of opponent.

"The stage that I played on wasn't so mind-blowing to me. I looked at each game as another football game regardless, the title game, against Garland, regardless."

"My team mates did a real good job of keeping me level headed. They kept supporting me regardless of what was going on. If I turned the ball over the defense would come over and just keep supporting me."

To be expected, recruiting for Cole has gotten hot all of the sudden. There have been a couple of new teams to come in and show interest and there are the usual suspects. Cole just got back from his first official.

"Yes sir, it's taken off. All of the sudden Texas started talking me. They stopped though, because they filled up. Auburn started calling me too. Those are really the too that just started talking to me."

"I just left Kansas from a visit this weekend. I am going to Arkansas next weekend. I am looking into where I will be going the weekend after that, but I don't know."

Since Cole waited until the season ended to take his trips he is finding out that he might need to squeeze trips in the middle of weekend trips. "I am probably going to have to take my visits during some school days. That is the only way to get them all of the way."

Cole already has the first of such trips set up to see a school next week, right after seeing Arkansas. "Yes sir, I will probably end up going to Nebraska in the middle of the week."

Cole had a great experience on his first official visit. Cole, who would like to play cornerback, was able to meet one of the best cornerbacks in the nation at Kansas.

"I had fun, they showed me a lot of hospitality there. They have one of the best cornerbacks there, Aqib Talib. It was fun being with him, being there."

Besides seeing Kansas, Arkansas and Nebraska, Cole isn't sure who else he might visit. That is just going to take some time to sort through.

"I honestly don't know. I haven't really made up my mind at all about that. I just need to sit down and think about it a little bit."

Cole said that he is talking with his team mates, that are committed to a variety of schools, about going to see the schools that they are committed too. "Oh yeah, Anthony Blue has been talking to me about taking a visit up to Nebraska. Some other guys are talking to me about looking at Baylor."

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