Crick holds his own in All-American game

Nebraska had a total of seven different commitments playing in four different All-American game. Jared Crick took part in the East Meets West All-American game in Orlando. The honor to play in such a game is such a validation to recruiting rankings and previous honors. Beyond the honor of being selected though is the need to play well among some of the nation's best.

Jared Crick put on an impressive performance in Orlando at the East Meets West All-American game. The 6-foot-6 and 245-pound Crick said that he enjoyed himself and worked on some players to get them to Lincoln.

"I had a great time," Crick said. "I met a lot of great people. Hopefully some of them will be committing to Nebraska shortly. I have been working on them."

"I have been talking to Earl Patin and Frank Alexander. There is also a lineman there that wants to go to Nebraska. There is also a player that plays with Demetrious Davis that wants to play at Nebraska."

Players enjoy their time and appreciate the selection, but it's everyone's goal to perform well on the field against better competition than they have faced before. Crick thought that he played well.

"I think that I held my own. I don't think that I went out there and dominated the guy in front of me every time, this was my first time going against this level of competition and from that I think that I did a pretty good job."

After a game like that one could come away from it with some ideas about where they need to improve. Crick has been just bigger and faster than most competition up to that point and he understands where technique comes in now.

"I think that just my technique. I have never used technique. I am always bull-rushing people. I use my quickness to get by. I am definitely going to have to start working on my hands and my footwork. I am just going to have to get better all-around."

While Crick was possibly able to take the field with guys like Patin and Alexander he was also able to play next to another Nebraska commitment, Demetrious Davis. Crick really stood in awe of Davis' and all of the other players' abilities.

"It was great. Looking at all of these guys' stats and watching their videos on the internet really put me in awe of all of the players. Being able to play with them and knowing that some of them will be my team mates is just great."

Crick will finally be taking his official visit to Lincoln this weekend. It's not without good reason that he hasn't taken it yet up to this point. He was in Lincoln to see every Nebraska home game this year.

"I am taking my official this weekend. I am just looking to have a good time. I have been meaning to get up to Lincoln, see everything and have a good time. I just want to see what it will be like."

"I have just been to all of the home games unofficially. I wanted everything to blow over and get up there when everyone isn't busy and not doing things. I want to spend time with everyone."

There have been some recent questions about academic risks in this class. Crick said that his situation is getting better. He really needs a point or two on the GPA, but a good test score may make the need on the GPA a moot point.

"Academics are getting a lot better. I let them slip a little bit towards the end of last semester, but I pulled them back up. I am re-taking the ACT and taking the SAT in the next two weeks. I am hoping to do great on them."

"I think that I need to get my GPA up a point or two, but other than that I should be golden. I think that I could get some time in the summer. If I also get a great test score then my GPA score can go down a bit. I am working to get straight A's this next semester."

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