Yancy had something to prove

There are some states that are just considered football states. States where college teams go to find the top talent, or where there is a lot of talent. States like Texas, California and Florida. Coming from Arizona, it was William Yancy's goal to show that they know how to play football in Arizona. He did just that.

William Yancy was another of the Nebraska commitments to earn All-American honors and got a chance to play in a bowl game. Yancy, a 6-foot-6 and 240-pound defensive end from Glendale (Ariz.) Ironwood, missed a good day at the beach, but had fun.

"I played in the MSL All-American game," Yancy said. "It was in Florida. It rained the day we went to the beach, but the whole trip itself was a lot of fun."

"To be named an All-American is an honor in itself. To get to play in a game like that, I don't know how to say it, you feel honored to be named in the same breath of Ronnie Lott, Steve Young and others that played in that game. It's a real honor."

Yancy went with some goals in mind for the game and the week. The first one, wasn't an individual goal, but more a goal to show people that football talent exists in Arizona. After that goal came the individual goal.

"The first thing when I went out there was that guys from Arizona could represent. When I got out there and did do that the next thing was to start in the game. I was able to accomplish that the day before the game."

There are some differences between a typical high school game and an All-American game. Yancy made note of some of the differences.

"One is that the game is smoother. Everyone is going 100%. The game gets a lot faster. Everyone was out there clicking, giving their 100%, and no one was dogging it. It went real good."

Yancy wanted to come out and play hard and show that he belonged. He almost got to the quarterback a couple of times, but overall he showed that he had a motor.

"I never stopped on a play. A lot of energy. I want to get to the quarterback. I almost got him twice. I just wanted to play relentless. Never give up."

The bowl game, for everyone, is one last high school game. After it ends there are other athletic seasons like basketball, but all typically start working to get ready to play football in college.

"Football-wise, this was really what I had left to do. I am grateful I got a chance to play in it. I just want to keep working. Keep getting bigger, stronger and faster. Keep talking to the coaches from Nebraska and see what they want me to do."

Yancy committed to Nebraska in December and one of the schools he also considered was Arizona State. Since committing, there has still been some contact from Arizona State. Yancy cited the relationship that he had with the old coaches has changed.

"I am not going to say that there hasn't been. I have built a relationship with the coaches at Arizona State before they were let go. I just didn't feel comfortable at Arizona State with the whole situation. That's why I went with Nebraska."

"The last Saturday in December when coaches could make in-home visits, he (Deniis Erickson) was here. My parents and I and my whole family were happy to talk with him, but my heart wasn't there with them at Arizona State. My heart is at Nebraska."

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