Amie misses one, onto see Lubbock

One of the most heavily pursued players in the state of Texas, despite him being a commitment to a school, has to be Jacob Amie. Amie made a commitment to Texas Tech way back at the start of the season, but wanted to take some visits to be sure it was the right decision. With one official under his belt, Amie will finally see Lubbock. There will be other visits to come as well.

There is still time for Jacob Amie to get in all of his visits despite having his official visit cancelled to Oklahoma State last weekend. The weather just wouldn't cooperate with the situation.

"No, I didn't go," Amie said. "They cancelled on me because of the snow. This weekend I have Texas Tech. The weekend after that I am going to see Colorado."

Colorado is a bit of a new team to Amie's list. Well, new to the public. Amie seems to have been keeping a spot for them for a while.

"I have been keeping Colorado in the mix a little bit. They were telling me how they needed me so I decided to go take a visit."

If there is a team that might not get an official from Amie right now then it might be Oklahoma State. The cancelled trip combined with a class that is filling up might lead him to look elsewhere.

"I have no idea. I really couldn't tell you right now. They're filling up pretty fast. I really don't know."

"I would probably go to Oklahoma State or Missouri that last weekend. Something like that. All of these places are saving me spots."

This weekend, Amie will finally be able to get up and see the school that he committed to back in September. Since Amie has already taken an official visit he knows what the look for.

"I really want to just check out and see how things are. Since I have been to Nebraska, I really want to see some things and talk to the coaches."

"I look at what they have to offer me. I want to check out the educational side of it. I want to meet some of the guys too."

The question now on so many minds is if Amie is still a Texas Tech commit? And if he is, after all these trips, would he be able to change his commitment to another school?

"I still consider myself as a Texas Tech commitment. It probably wouldn't be difficult at all. I am looking for the best decision for me."

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