Crick gets his time in Lincoln

Jared Crick was literally at every home game for Nebraska this season, but none of those were his official visit to Lincoln. He waited to take his official visit until the season was over, things had slowed down some and would have some time to talk to players and the coaches. Crick had a great opportunity to accomplish those very things this weekend.

For most of the weekend in Lincoln, the weather was actually very nice. Overnight though, the official visitors saw some of the white stuff. Jared Crick was still able to drive back to Cozad (Nebr.).

"We just got back," Crick said. "The roads weren't too bad actually. There was about six inches of snow in Lincoln this morning."

Crick was at all of Nebraska's home game as an unofficial visitor. One those trips he didn't get a lot of time with the coaches and players. He made up for that this weekend.

"It really was great, I had a great time. I pretty much hung out with the coaches, a bunch of players and went to the basketball game. There wasn't much going on."

On all of those unofficial visits Crick also didn't get a real good look at the facilities and didn't get to discuss the academics. Crick made the most of the time with the coaches.

"I would say the academics. I had only really looked at the weight room, shortly. To this point, I hadn't had a chance to really sit down with the coaches. That was all new to me."

Crick saw a familiar face as his host in Lincoln. Crick also had a chance to talk to a lot of the players and even one of the new freshmen that is already on campus.

"Dreu Young was my host. I hung around with J.B. Phillips, Maurice Purify, Andre Jones, Ricky Thenarse, Major Culbert and Menolik Holt. I also met Marcus Mendoza."

Crick said that he and Curenski Gilleylen, the other official visitor this weekend, also spent some time together. "I did hang out with Curenski. He hung out with me, Mo Purify and Young for a while. I think that he liked it there."

"With not a lot going on and the snow limiting things to do I think that Curenski came away impressed. He told me he hadn't seen snow before. That was all new to him."

Crick has a little of an academic hurdle so it's hard to look too far into the future, but it's tough to not think about it. Crick had a very favorable conversation with the new defensive line coach.

"I am just ready to get up there and compete. I spoke to Coach Buddy Wyatt for a long time and he is real excited about me coming in."

"We're both new to the system and we are going to work on that together. He said that I just need to get in there and work hard. He said that if I do everything that I am supposed to do that I have a legitimate chance to play next year."

"I spoke to Coach Wyatt over the phone for about five minutes the first time we spoke. This was really the first time that I had a chance to meet him. He's a great guy. He's funny and a great leader. I am looking forward to playing for him."

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