Our weekly run down of the week that was, we take a spin down recent-memory lane. ASU comes into Nebraska and leaves 38 points shy of a tie. Yeah, the point spread that some were calling ridiculous turned out to be short of what really happened.

One of the biggest stories was "Richie vs. Terrell" as the Arizona native, Richie Incognito faced off against pre-season All-american, Terrell Suggs. That wasn't the only competition here, but it's the one that made the papers. Hell, everything Richie said next to what he was eating for supper turned out as some sort of slam against ASU. Well, that is if you ask ASU fans. Turns out that Richie was a little nervous before the game and wouldn't you be? Only the third freshman to start for the NU O-line, ever and it's at the left tackle position and it's against a team that you loathe more than green cheese? Hell, wouldn't you be going nuts before this game happened to? Sound Byte

Good old Richie kept his cool though and stayed in the game and believe it or not, he was effective most of the game to. Incognito was anything but as he trampled, mauled, shoved, pushed and beat people to death trying to make things happen, but what really got people revved about his performance was what he would do against Mr. Suggs.

Just so you know. There was one time that Terrell beat Richie off the line. Badly. Richie appeared to get off the count almost half a count late and Terrell went flying by him, forced Lord up and to his left and WHAMO BABY!!, he gets clobbered from behind. It wasn't Suggs that hit him, but Suggs that made it happen. Maybe you thought Richie was a little slow? Well, here's why. Sound Byte.

So, whoever was hacking on him for being slow off the snap, SHUT UP!!!

Everyone wanted to have a microphone on the field though. I know I wanted to be that fly on the wall so to speak and hear just what was being exchanged between Richie and T.S. Probably not for the faint of heart, but it would have been entertaining. I know they were jawing, but I wonder when Terrell did make it outside of Richie on that play where he missed the count if TS made some comments on his way back to his side of the ball. Sound Byte.


That offensive line of Nebraska was supposed to be the weak link against ASU's defense because of their inexperience. Some people just don't get that an inexperienced Nebraska line is still a Nebraska line. My pappy always said that if you don't know, you better ask somebody and that's just what I did. I asked someone that would know just how this line of youngins did against the ASU defense. Sound Byte. So, the captain of the offense, the leader of that O-line and a guy that has been around for almost for years. He says they got an A? Allrighty then. ‘Nuff said.

Let's move on.

This game against ASU was close at half but turned into a route and why? Special Teams. Yeah, special teams. Nebraska has a reputation for them and this year, it looks like they are going to be even more special. Josh Brown was off the hinges, almost perfect for the day. Perfect on PATs, perfect on field goals and pinned the Devils deep almost all day long. Ya had to laugh when Hakim Hill brought that ball out from five yards deep and ended up STUFFED at the six. Kind of reminds me of Jaquez Green from Florida in the ‘96 Fiesta Bowl trying to run a kickoff back and having his hip almost removed from his body. Gets me all misty just thinking about it.


The special teams RULED and that's putting it mildly. Blocked punts, field goals, blocks taken in for touchdowns and giving ASU no room to work. It all added up to a major team effort that turned a questionable game into a game without many questions at all. One of the biggest exclamation points to this game was the second coming of Terrell Farley, Demorrio Williams. Yeah, he's not Terrell. Heck, he could be better. Two years this kid didn't play out of high school, working in the oil fields of Texas, but once he got into the JUCO ranks, you can say the rest was history. Williams got noticed by everyone, ended up at NU and now, they are comparing him to one of the best "ballhawks" NU has ever had.

You ask Demorrio though and he isn't Terrell, doesn't want to be Terrell and would just as soon people stop comparing him to Terrell. It's not about Farley. He's gone. It's Williams' time now. Sound Byte.

I have to do it though. I just can't help myself. Didn't he remind you of Terrell Farley? Going after the ball, all over the field and in the backfield, stirring stuff up like a hurricane? You have to wonder what motivates a guy to play like he does. What kind of fire burns inside their guts that makes them go after every play like a wild man. You have to wonder what he thinks every single time he steps out there on the field. Sound Byte.

Ok, and what about T.J.? Playing behind DW, this guy is the real deal to. Speed, aggressiveness and a tenacity at finding the football no matter where it is. Are NU's two best linebackers playing the same position? I know you have thought about it. Heck, after Saturday, maybe everyone has. You know that even Demorrio has been thinking about what it would be like if both of them were out there at the same time. Farley? Williams? Bueller? Sound Byte.

Man, you have to love this team. Screw the prognosticators that have NU experiencing a down year. Go to hell all those critics that say NU is in for at least a four win season and GO TO HELL KIRK HERBSTREIT, because he's knows about as much about this team and what it is capable of as I know about how to combine opera and water polo into a sooting melodic mix of subtle enticing tones reminding you of France on a warm spring morning. Damn, man. GET A CLUE!

That's it for this week. Tune in next week when we go practical joking as we take a box of bran muffins and a bucket of ex lax to the colonoscopy clinic and lock all the bathroom doors.


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