Davis plays well in AA game

Players often have things to prove, when it comes to play in all-star games. Demetrious Davis wanted to show that his name belonged in the list of the nation's best defensive tackles. He is proud of his and his team's performance earlier in Orlando, Flor. in the East Meets West All-American game.

Nebraska commit, Demetrious Davis, was one of two Nebraska commits in the East Meets West All-American game. Davis, who played along side Jared Crick, enjoyed the experience.

"I did pretty good," Davis said. "I really liked getting to know some of the players that were there."

Davis got to know one of his future team mates at Nebraska, Crick, and played along side him on the defensive line. Davis had some good things to say about Crick's ability.

"I roomed with Jared Crick while I was there. He's a pretty cool guy. We spoke about a lot of things. We're really good friends."

"He's a real good player. I look forward to playing with him again at Nebraska. I think that we can make some special things happen."

There is always a need to win the game for your region and show where the best players come from. Davis' team won the game and he wanted to prove that he belonged in the game.

"We won the game. That was first. I wanted to prove it to everyone though that I am one of the best defensive tackles in the nation."

"I did pretty well. I think that I had five tackles or so. I was like third on the list for total tackles, so I think that I did pretty good."

Davis played a key position in the defensive scheme that the West squad played. "Our defense was designed to shift to the strong side of the offense. I played the shade-in three technique."

Davis isn't playing any winter or spring sports. He is planning on getting ready for his playing days in Lincoln. "I am just going to lift and run now until I get to Lincoln. I am going to be working on my conditioning the most."

Davis has yet to take an official visit to Lincoln. It's really not for any other reason then not having the his test results back yet. Davis said that those should arrive any day.

"I haven't gotten my results back yet. I think that I did pretty well though. I don't know when I am getting my results back. It should be any time."

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