Wrapping up?

One of the more popular, uncommitted recruits in the Lone Star State could be coming close to a decision. Is it hours, days or a week away? Head Coach Steve Gideon couldn't weigh in on that, but in all of his years of coaching he has never seen anyone like this player. The school that he picks will be the best situation for him athletically and acadmemically.

Things seem to be close to conclusion with Curenski Gilleylen. Gilleylen, a 5-foot-11 and 195-pound wide receiver with legit 4.4 speed, from Leander (Texas), has a lot of schools and fans still wondering where he is going.

While it seems that the scope has narrowed to schools like Tennessee, Nebraska, Oklahoma State and possibly Purdue, Head Coach Steve Gideon from Leander said that the team that does get Gilleylen is getting at least as good of person as they are a football player.

"As a person," Coach Gideon said. "He's the top of the world. It sounds unrealistic, but you could have him find your wallet, get it back and everything inside it would be in order. He has just a great personality. He's always got a smile on his face."

"I have never coached anyone with as much talent as what Curenski has. He was a quarterback in his early days. We had a few guys though that were competing, and all could play the position, but Curenski could move to receiver and play every down for us."

Coach Gideon says that Curenski's best days are ahead of him despite him being the most talented player he has coached at this level. He believes that Gilleylen will be one day drawing the attention of the NFL.

"He is just a phenomenal talent. He really understands the game. What is amazing is that his top-end is still out there. Sometime, three to four years down the road, I am sure that you are going to find that he is getting the attention of pro scouts."

Gilleylen has taken some trips, albeit they weren't all official visits. He saw one school twice before his senior year really started and was set to see that school again this weekend, officially.

"He made some unofficials to Oklahoma State, early on. He went to the junior day and he went up there over the summer for camp. He never took an official there. That was going to happen this weekend."

Besides the unofficial visits, Gilleylen did take three official visits. The most recent visits came in the past two weekends.

"He took an official to Purdue in October with Josh McKinley, our quarterback. He went to Tennessee on the 12th. He just got back from Nebraska this weekend (19th)."

Gilleylen is as interested in the academics of a school, that he intends to play football at, as he is athletics. The school really must fit him all-around.

"He wants to go to a school that has a great plan as far as academics and athletics. He is planning on majoring in engineering. As far as the team, he wants to be comfortable with the coaches and who will be with him for the next four to five years."

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