The finishing touch on a great class?

Nebraska was looking for a speed receiver and it appears that they got one. The Huskers had really narrowed their scope in the month of January and the focused target was Curenski Gilleylen. Gilleylen pulled the trigger on a commitment to Nebraska last night and might be the final recruit in the class for Nebraska.

Curenski Gilleylen was set to make a decision in the weeks following his last official visit. The 5-foot-11 and 195-pound receiver from Leander (Texas) has decided to be a Cornhusker.

"He's made the decision," Curenski's father said. "It wasn't a tough decision. I put it to him about three months ago to make the decision that would affect the rest of his life."

"I told him that where he went to college would affect the rest of his life. That is going to be with him for his life. I gave them to him up front."

The idea that the decision went further than just where you were going to go to school or play football was eye opening to Curenski. The decision though came clear to him very recently and his dad told him to make the call.

"He made the decision. He told me that he was going to the Big Red. I told him to just call them up and let them know. That was it."

The decision really came down to three schools. Three schools that needed to be compared by the same criteria and to weigh the pros and cons of each school.

"Looking at the three that we had on the table right there, Oklahoma State, Tennessee and Nebraska, and put down some criteria and rated each school. We needed to lay it out and look at it."

"We looked at the offense that a school ran. Nebraska has West Coast, Coach Callahan's pro-style offense, and that means you can run this offense and have it translate to the next level."

"We looked at the schools in their conference and how they have done. Everyone wants to win. Tennessee is a winner and they won a National Championship a few years back, but Nebraska won the Big 12 North and that is a plus there."

"One of the "x-factors" was the feeling. I didn't go on the Nebraska visit with Curenski, but I spoke to Coach Shawn Watson throughout this year and Coach Ted Gilmore in the past month or so and there were some things and how they were said that were encouraging."

"It was about Curenski and the atmosphere that he would be going to at Nebraska. It was about football, leading young men and giving them tools that will last them the rest of their lives and I got a lot of that from those two guys."

While the recruiting coach and the position coach at Nebraska made a good impression with the Gilleylen family. The head coach didn't disappoint either.

"Meeting Coach Bill Callahan was really the cherry on the top. Your soldiers aren't going to all be as good as their leader, so once I met him I got to meet him I understood why Coach Watson and Coach Gilmore were on his staff."

"They exude the confidence and positive attitude that Coach Callahan has. We have been very thorough. We knew that he was a life changing decision."

A question that many ask about Gilleylen is, who is he? Why isn't he rated? There is a very big reason why he isn't rated. It came down to another choice that Gilleylen had to make, but Curenski's dad knew that his son's talents wouldn't go unnoticed.

"One of the biggest reason that Curenski isn't on people's lists is because he missed the Nike combine at Texas A&M. That was the same weekend as the regional track meet. People got to college long before these combines. People were going to find him."

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