Lewis gets cold feet according to head coach

This close to signing day, it just wouldn't be a recruiting season without a little more drama. Nebraska got a big case of it, however, when top 10 middle linebacker Travis Lewis was rumored as potentially going another way. Lee High School head coach Jimmy Ramos was reached earlier today and commented on where his standout linebacker did.

If someone decommits this late in the game, red flags fly and people wonder just what in the heck is going on. That's for any old commit. When it's a top 10 middle linebacker and a U.S. Army All-American, that's not a flag, it's a siren.

But according to Lee head coach Jimmy Ramos, it wasn't so much an event of blaring proportion as it was a young man just getting cold feet. "It's nothing Nebraska didn't do," Ramos said. "It was just a matter of getting close to the altar and being unsure of what you wanted to do."

That decision comes as an obvious shock, because it was Lewis who said at one point after making his decision to go to Nebraska, the timing was dictated by the feeling that he just wanted to be sure. "I just told all the schools that were recruiting me that I was very confident in my decision and the Cornhuskers, so basically everyone backed off.," Lewis told Big Red Report in a January update.

"I told Coach Bill Callahan that once I commit, and I told this to Oklahoma , once I commit then I am committed. That is why I didn't make a decision early. I didn't want to be a player that would commit and decommit."

With that kind of quote, the assumption was that something sudden have to have happened in regard to his recruiting by Nebraska , but Ramos said that wasn't the case. "The coaches at Nebraska have been nothing but hospitable toward my coaches here and to Travis' Family," he said. "I am not sure Travis thinks living that far from home is in his best interest."

With the decommit, Nebraska now has 28 commits, and it's not unreasonable to think that the Husker coaching staff has a back up plan in regard to other prospects they had been scouting throughout the year. You can expect Nebraska 's current ranking of 12th to drop, perhaps taking the Huskers out of the top 15. Big Red Report will keep our ear to the ground to see if anything happens with recruiting, and see if any new names pop up to try and take the place of the now departed Lewis.

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