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Immediate help as well as planning for the long term, Nebraska went out and got players that will help them take the next step forward in the Big 12 next year and for years to come. Coach Callahan had a chance to address the media for the first time to talk about the 2006-07 class and the names that were in it.

Coach Bill Callahan addressed the media today to talk about the Nebraska 2006-07 recruiting class. National letter of intent signing day is the first time after a player signs with a school that a coach can talk about recruits.

The class contains 28 players from eleven different states with three from Nebraska, seven from Texas and five from Arizona. The class featured 22 high school prep players and six from junior college.

The press conference didn't go very long before really giving credit back to his staff. The Nebraska staff worked hard, dilligently and really went out there to find the players that were the best fit for the program.

Coach Shawn Watson received credit for really going into Texas and the Kansas Junior Colleges and getting some tough commitments. Texas was a huge area of emphasis for Nebraska this year.

It didn't take long to talk about Coach Bill Busch and the prospects that he got out of Arizona. Busch got five prep players out of the state of Arizona, an area that typically isn't hit as hard as it was this year by Nebraska.

One of the reasons why Coach Callahan believed that there was so much success was the amount of players that ended up committing to Nebraska who came in to see Nebraska unofficially in the summer. It really allowed Nebraska to lay groundwork to establish relationships and see the campus

Nebraska typically has some hurdles in getting players from warmer, weather areas to come to Nebraska to play football. Coach Callahan said that the weather aspect isn't a big deal when players see opportunity.

The defensive line received, more or less, a complete overhaul to help receover from losing five players along the defensive line to graduation. Nebraska looked to build depth at that position and there was a need there.

Nebraska also went out and got three players that will start out as running backs. Callahan spoke about the size and speed that Quentin Castille possesses, but he also mentioned how important it was to get a player like Marcus Mendoza in for spring cosnidering the lack of depth at that position from injuries to Cody Glenn and Kenny Wilson.

Out of the secondary recruits, it seems that Larry Asante will be tabbed to come in and play early potentially. Beyond Asante, Coach Callahan said that the other secondary players should make an impact on special teams and will be very important to improving team speed and athleticism.

Coach Callahan acknowledged a couple of late changes, but said that it was very difficult to recover from and get other players to get into their spots. However, Nebraska changed a greyshirt offer to Aaron Shulte to being a commitment.

Coach Callahan addressed a quarterback race that could take place in the spring between Sam Keller, Joe Ganz, Beau Davis and the newcomer Patrick Witt. Coach Callahan compared Witt to Zac Taylor and is interested to see how Witt will decelop. Zach Lee will more than likely miss the spring after an LCL tear.

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